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Recent Research

Civil Society

  • Bond, P and Mottiar, S. 2018. Terrains of civil and uncivil society in post-apartheid South Africa. Urban Forum, 29(4), 383-395


Social Protest

  • Mottiar, S. 2019. Everyday forms of resistance and claim making in Durban South Africa. Journal of Political Power, 12(2), 276-292.

  • Lodge, T and Mottiar, S. 2016. Protest in South Africa: Motives and meanings. Democratisation, 22(5), 1-19.


Social Movements

  • Mottiar, S and Dubula, V. 2020. Shifting consciousness and challenging power: Women activists and the provision of HIV/AIDS services. Law Democracy & Development, Vol 24, 158-176.

  • Mottiar, S and Lodge, T. 2020. ‘Living inside the movement’: The Right2Know campaign, South Africa. Transformation, 102, 95-120.



  • Shawa, B and Mottiar, Forthcoming 2020. South African Non-Governmental Development Organisations organising and coordinating for development effectiveness: A case study of KwaZulu-Natal. African Renaissance, 17.


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