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Established for forty years as a key journal of the international Left, NLR has been transformed since 2000 into a new resource for the new century. Its range covers world politics and the global economy; state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory; history and philosophy; cinema and literature; heterodox art and aesthetics. It stands resolutely opposed to Third Way pieties and neoliberal prescriptions, combating capital's current apologists with sharp and scholarly analysis, internationalist critique, polemic and experiential prose. A 'Brief History of New Left Review' covers the development of the journal's first forty years. The new series was launched with a major editorial statement, 'Renewals' by Perry Anderson.

Published every two months from London, the 160-page journal carries articles, interviews, topical comments and book reviews. Read all over the world, NLR is flanked by editions in Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Turkish; more are planned. A complete index of the Review, going back to 1960, can be searched by author, title or subject. Two or three articles from each issue of the new series are available free, and subscribers to the print edition gain complimentary access to the full online archive.

The editorial committee consists of Tariq Ali, Perry Anderson (editor), Gopal Balakrishnan, Robin Blackburn, Robert Brenner, Malcolm Bull, Alexander Cockburn, Mike Davis, Peter Gowan, Tom Mertes, Julian Stallabrass, Jacob Stevens (publishing director), Susan Watkins (managing editor) and JoAnn Wypijewski. Tony Wood is the editorial assistant and Stephen Drage is the subscriptions manager. Please feel free to contact us by email, post or telephone.

Together with its publishing house, Verso, NLR has featured work by many key thinkers on the left, including Tariq Ali, Benedict Anderson, Perry Anderson, Giovanni Arrighi, Robin Blackburn, Pierre Bourdieu, Johanna Brenner, Robert Brenner, Alexander Cockburn, G. A. Cohen, Mike Davis, Terry Eagleton, Frances Fox-Piven, Nancy Fraser, Norman Geras, Jürgen Habermas, Catherine Hall, Stuart Hall, Frigga Haug, Eric Hobsbawm, Fredric Jameson, Michael Mann, Juliet Mitchell, Franco Moretti, Laura Mulvey, Tom Nairn, Kate Soper, Göran Therborn, Dorothy Thompson, Immanuel Wallerstein, Linda Weiss and Slavoj Zizek.

Submissions to the journal are welcome, but please consult our submission guidelines before sending in an article or book review. For queries concerning advertising, bookshop distribution or subscriptions, please consult our full contact details. If you wish to subscribe to NLR, you can take advantage of our special offer by subscribing online.

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