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Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal () From early 2003. New Course Publicaitons: Australia : -.

LINKS is a journal for the post Cold War left; a journal that rejects the Stalinist distortion of the socialist project; a journal that takes into account ecological questions; a journal that is taking steps to unify and bring together the forces for socialism in the world today; a journal that aspires to unite Marxists from different political traditions because it discusses openly and constructively.

LINKS seeks to promote the international exchange of information, experience of struggle, theoretical analysis and views of political strategy and tactics within the international left.

LINKS is a forum for open and constructive dialogue between active socialists coming from different political traditions. We seek to bring together those in the international left who are opposed to neo-liberal economic and social policies.
LINKS aims to promote the renewal of the socialist movement in the wake of the collapse of the bureaucratic model of “actually existing socialism” in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

LINKS is not oriented to academic Marxists—as many existing theoretical journals are—although it does have academics among its contributors. Its main contributors and readers are active socialists; those involved in the day-to-day struggles, especially those involved in the vital tasks of building organisations and parties.

The journal does not present a single line. It is pluralist, open and very much a discussion forum. There is no regular editorial, but there are certain parameters set by an editorial board.

LINKS develops and marks out the space for genuine socialism.

It hopes to not only bring together active socialists from different countries and different continents, but to unite socialists coming from different traditions—the traditions of the pro-Moscow Communist parties, Trotskyist parties, Maoism, the left wing of national movements, left forces breaking with social democracy, and activists from social movements who have come to realise the need for a party.

We all come from different backgrounds, and still have different viewpoints, but are united in:

our socialist convictions of the need for fundamental social change;
the need for a democratic, non-authoritarian socialism; and
the need for a socialism that's green, feminist and anti-racist.
LINKS carries discussion and debate pieces from around the world. It solicits original articles from contributing editors and supporting parties, and from anyone who wishes to make a useful contribution to the debate. It reprints documents and discussion pieces from different parties, as well as relevant articles from other journals.

Being an English-language journal, English-speaking countries are the primary focus, both for distribution and editorial content. But we also need input from other countries, so that LINKS can reflect and participate in the debates taking place among left forces around the world.

We want to develop a genuine political dialogue. Part of our task is to arrange translations of key documents and articles from the socialist press in non-English speaking countries.

We invite debate—in the form of comments, articles and letters. We need your ideas, contributions and support for LINKS to succeed as a real forum of discussion for the renewal of the socialist project around the world.

Website includes copies of back issues.

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