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Madulu, Ndalahwa F.  (2002) Population distribution and density in Tanzania: Experiences from 2002 population and housing census. University of Dar es Salaam Institute of Resource Assessment: 1-19.

Population distribution refers to the proportional distribution of the population over available land area. It gives a reflection of the burden to the land resources public services available in an area. Population distribution also reflects the environmental implications of population to specific areas. Population density is commonly used to refer to the number of people per land area (square kilometer). It is the ratio of the population to the land area. Population density gives the average number of people who occupy are certain piece of land. It also shows the concentration of the population over a land area. Though population density is a good indicator of aerial population distribution, it conceals many of the internal disparities in population concentration and its spatial distribution. People are normally very selective with regards to the locations settlements. Similarly, certain human activities are selective in nature in terms of location and suitability.

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