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Akani, Christian (2004) Preserving the Niger Delta for the Future. International Association of Educators for World Peace 14 Edition 19th -24th May : 1-13.

Preservation of the environment and its biodiversity has become a global concern. This is because, to drive the environment and its biodiversity to extinction is to correspondingly place the human race in a nasty, restless and distressful condition. It is, therefore, not out of place that sustainable development of the people was prominent in the Agenda 21 of the Rio summit of 1992. It also defined biodiversity as, The variability among living organisms from all sources including inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and ecological complexes of which they are a part, this includes diversity within species, between species and ecosystem 1 It becomes absolutely imperative for us to preserve and protect our environment, which is our natural heritage from predatory and unregulated desires.

Unfortunately, in spite of the effects of community leaders, and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to save Niger Delta for the future, it has remained neglected, backward and desolate. While the government is more interested in extracting mineral resources, less attention is paid to saving the ecosystem and the people from profound suffering and death.

This is extremely important because as oil and gas are unceasing extracted from the ground, there is a continuous disequilibrum of its biodiversity, including precious flora and fauna, and aquatic species.

This is not stupendous because oil exploration is a pollutant, with increasing seismic activities which makes life for living organisms worthless, restless and uncomfortable. Hutchful, observed that, The oil industry is by its very nature a potentially massive polluter.

Accidents arise from human error and equipment failure. In addition, the oil industry generates wastes and other by-products potentially harmful to the environment in its routine operations. 2 Sadly, the Niger Delta peoples have been passing through this excruciating condition since 1956 when oil was found in Oloibri - Bayelsa State.

This paper will critically examine the pollution of the Niger Delta through the exploratory activities of the multinational companies (MNCs), within the context of Nigeria’s political economy and how to preserve it for the benefit of future generation.

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