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Benjamin, Saranel  (2004) Reclaiming the voices of dissent. Center for Civil Society : 1-22.

This paper explores the changing forms of democracy : from participatory democracy to representative democracy within a global capitalist framework. In this exploration, the drive back to participatory democracy with active civic engagement will be discussed.

This paper will also explore the current socio- economic conditions in South Africa in its transition stage, the changing nature of civil society, the rise of social movements, and the role that the RASSP has played in this context and the research projects that have emerged out of this process.

This paper is important because currently a global movement against corporate globalistion is emerging. Its being regarded as a phenomenon that should be given its due attention. In addition, sustained struggles like the ones emerging from organisations coming out of the RASSP should be shared on such a platform as it has serious implications for the way researchers see civil society globally and more specifically in South Africa.

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