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Kobus, Katherine E. (2004) The corruption of Human Rights by Neo-Liberalism. Centre for Civil Society : 1-3.

The end of the Second World War marked a new period in the history and social thinking of the world. Hailed as the last great conflict between nations, the end of the war acted as a catalyst to usher in peace and stability, a new world order of sorts. In 1945 the powers of the world transformed the League of Nations into the United Nations, a body whose mandate mirrored the growing concern with world conflict and development. While this focus at first centered mostly upon the war ravaged countries of Western Europe, it came to encompass the poverty and underdevelopment of the newly independent Third World nations. In 1948 the United Nations issued its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, laying out the basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be privilege to, regardless of race, gender, nationality, etc. This idea of human rights, on an abstract level, serves to invoke general feelings of rights to equality and freedoms inherent to maintaining human dignity.

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