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Bond, Patrick (2004) 'The George Bush of Africa' Pretoria Chooses Subimperialism. Foreign Policy In Focus  : 1-8.


'The George Bush of Africa' Pretoria Chooses Subimperialism
By Patrick Bond

Free South Africa turned 10 years old on May 11, the anniversary of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as president, which followed the first democratic election on April 27, 1994. Delight can legitimately be expressed by internationalists and anti-racists, including progressive US activists who supported the African National Congress (ANC) and pressed the Congress and Reagan/Bush administrations to impose sanctions during the crucial 1980s.

However, the elite transition that resulted from a power-sharing compromise deal gave a tiny fraction of black nationalist politicians and business cronies enormous stature and wealth, but impoverished the majority of ANC constituents.

Patrick Bond teaches at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and is a policy analyst for FPIF

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