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Burawoy, Michael  (2004) From Liberation to reconstruction: Theory and practice in the life of Harold Wolpe. University of California, Berkeley Wolpe Lecture: 1-46.

A year after Harold Wolpe’s death in 1996, the newly established Wolpe Trust convened in his honor an international conference on “The Political Economy of Social Change in South Africa.” It took place at the University of Western Cape where Wolpe had worked for the previous 5 years. Staged three years after the inauguration of the Government of National Unity, it brought ministers, members of parliament, party leaders, activists together with engaged intellectuals from universities and non-governmental organizations. Former comrades, who had taken very different trajectories after apartheid, were reknotted in an exciting confrontation. Intellectuals from the universities and NGOs flexed their critical muscles, suggesting the betrayal of the ANC’s original program, only to be harangued by the political leadership for not appreciating the rapid and progressive transformation of South Africa. The drama of the New South Africa was played out in this academic setting.

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