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Paleske, Alexander von  (2006) Bulelani Ngcuka and his Apartheid Soldiers. Centre for Civil Society : -.

Bulelani Ngcuka's shameful business connections with former apartheid soldiers Jan Breytenbach, Steyn Fourie and Willy Ward. Bulelani Ngcuka, former boss of the National Prosecuting Authority and husband of Deputy President of South Africa, Mrs. Mlambo Ngcuka continues to work together with former apartheid Special Forces soldiers Jan Breytenbach, Steyn Fourie and Willy Ward. All three are working together in a consortium, that plans to turn the wetlands of Sedgefield at the Garden Route into retirement homes for the rich and famous, thereby destroying the fragile ecosystem of the lakes nearby.

Jan Breytenbach who seems to be now one of the spokespersons for the Amabubezi Trust, major shareholder in the planned estate, and Willy Ward, manager on the estate, have quite a bit of luggage from the apartheid past to carry.

Breytenbach was the founder of three of apartheid South Africa's most brutal and horrific units: 32 (Buffalo) Battalion, 44 Parachute Brigade and the Reconnaissance Commandos(Recce). The 32 Buffalo Battalion, at times under his command, invaded and largely destroyed Southern Angola in the 70s and 80s.

The 44 Parachute Brigade under Breytenbachs's command massacred close to 1000 refugees and freedom fighters in the SWAPO-camp Cassinga in Southern Angola 1978. The Reconnaissance Commandos, of which Fourie and Ward were members, were nothing else but murder- and destruction gangs. Their trail of murderous destruction in Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania and Botswana is beyond belief. In 1985 and 1986 they came on a killing spree to Botswana, a country, that was not at war with South Africa, and massacred 14 civilians, including a pregnant mother and a six year old child, in Gaborone, thereafter blowing up the houses. On my initiative the files have been reopened now and arrests can be expected anytime from now.

Willy Ward was a group leader of a Recce commando, that operated illegaly in Mozambique. Under his command the Recce gang killed government soldiers, hung up the dead bodies at a fence as a trap and put explosives on the way, so that people, who wanted to collect the dead and bury them, were blown up ( see Peter Stiff, Silent War 1999, page 254). What a sick mind must somebody have, to do things like that.

Breytenbach, Ward and Fourie show no remorse and no regret. Says Breytenbach in his most recent book "The Buffalo Soldiers", that was published in 2002 about the massacre in Cassinga/Angola "I was privileged to be the commander" (Buffalo Soldiers p. 209). He calls freedom fighters "terrorists" (page 117) or "gang members" (page 192) He describes the invasion of Angola as a "brilliant operation" (page 123) and says, that it was an honour for him, to command such men (meaning the mercenaries and destruction gang of the 32 Buffalo Battalion) foreword of Buffalo soldiers. Finally in an interview with the Port Elizabeth Herald in October 2005 both, Breytenbach and Ward, declared, that they have no regrets aboutanything, because they did it for (apartheid) South Africa.

"Comrade" Ngcuka knows only too well about the horrific background of his colleagues, however for him it does not matter. This is a big scandal, nothing else.

Dr. Alexander von Paleske
Head, Department of Oncology
Princess Marina Hospital
Ex-Barrister-at-Law, High Court Frankfurt (M).

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by peter - imc-ct /Thursday February 23, 2006 at 12:09 PM/

Just a quick note... I did a company search on, and you probably mean Amabubesi, not Amabubezi. I couldn't find an Amabubesi Trust, but Steyn Fourie is a director(alongside Ngcuka) of Amabubesi Project Management. Also, this story:
from the Knysna-Plett Herald, shows more details on this topic.

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