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Mthembu, Ntokozo (2006) Socio-political problem solving approach in South Africa and Third World is skewed.. Centre for Civil Society : -.

This paper will attempt to show that South African socio-political problem solutions approaches are skewed because they fail or deliberate ignore the conventional logic of solving the problem. I will say the conventional method simply refers to a point when you address a particular problem in whatever situation, you start by identifying the problem that threatens your survival or something that is not right, you follow by coming up with providing alternative means to solve that problem in question as part of avoidance of maximum damage on your side and also addressing what was aggrieved about.

I ‘m saying the conventional problem solution approach in South Africa or in particular in the so called the Third World countries is not applied because the colonised, the dispossessed are told to “shut up, everything is or will be fine, you are “free” in a democratic country or continent”. On other hand the majority of the dispossessed remain landless, forced to speak the language of calling the “we are unemployed” or demanding jobs that pay far more less than the so called living wage and this is companied by deadly working conditions that keeps them in perpetual bondage.

This does not just apply to the workplace but it also happens to almost all echelons of the civil society and even in the mind set of the individuals in particular the elite and the rich. This is confirmed by various factors that manifest themselves as problems in our communities. For example, some of our communities in particular African have been preaching, fighting kicking, struggling and whatever against the injustices of the oppressive and alienating colonialist capitalist system. But what is very interesting is that the same old oppressive system and its processes that were and are still marked by the shedding of the blood of the colonised still operating in fool force. The adherents especially the elite of this system continue deceiving oppressed people that they must focus their energy on fighting for the so called better houses – “1uvezunyawo” and to pay “reasonable” rates.

The oppressed are expected to meet these demands of the western capitalists whilst what was the land stolen remains the property of the thieves. Furthermore, what is said about the whole saga is that the most respected and known to be sober individuals or leaders have bought into what I call the “blind folded” approach of which ignores and refuse that Africans were unjustly treated or robbed and there is a need and to come up with means to address the wrongs done against them uncompromisingly. Today this manifests itself in various segments in our communities. For example, the townships are not destroyed and they claim to be ‘developed’ through programmes such as Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwa Mashu programmes. I’m saying this is still the same old dirty tricks of colonisers because how can you upgrade a place that was designed specifically to pack the colonised slaves not for decent living standards. If some of us dispute this fact they must visit Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwa-Mashu and see for yourself. Furthermore, this is visible in particular in politics that happened to be agenda of today’s social movements or arenas, as these movements or arenas tend not to be sure about their direction or their destiny or port o call. But what is more visible is that there are lot of marches, lot of wearing t/shirts with writings and so forth.

The approach in addressing the socio-political problems, it seem to be different from the normal approaches that is normally adopted by the individuals in addressing their problems. Because I believe that the individuals approach is meant for the safeguarding what one can consider rightful theirs except if I come from another planet not Earth. If that is the case, that will mean my African people have been robbed in broad day light by the party of gangs conniving with the so called queens, kings, sons and daughter and inheritors of Europe’s stolen wealth. I’m saying this because the same Europeans countries and some segments of the East countries still rejoice in the riches of the so called Africa. On other hand, the majority of the colonised people languishes in prisons, pauperised in the streets of the main cities of western glories, and landless. Furthermore, the colonised continue to be told that everybody is equal and they can ‘buy’ back stolen land as part of the redistribution programme from the inheritors of stolen wealth through the so called primitive accumulation and are given free ride to sell land at will whilst protected through the so called property rights. There is no place under the sun and this mighty Earth you ever heard that the colonised surrendered their share to the ‘fathers’ of primitive accumulation. There is no way they can do that whilst they languish in ‘mjondolos’ and die everyday without proper safe living place.

These questions keep on haunting my mind and other alike minded sons and daughters of this continent on whether the so called leaders are sober people or maybe I’m “drunk” or idealist as most liberals will say to me. These questions haunt my mind because African people are expected to keep on compromising everything despite the fact they have been compromised so dearly and this means, they must be squeezed till they are nowhere to be seen. What is interesting is that all other races are busy and encouraged to promote and build their synagogues or temples in almost all corners of major cities in Africa. On other hand Africans are told and forced join or belong or fit in one of these foreign made structures and once is seen to be more talkative will be sidelined and ostracised. If the African individuals aspire to be in the ranks of the capitalist they will be scared to challenge and to be sidelined because they would want to be relevant as possible they could as they are also trapped in I will call the “I want to be famous mania” at the expense of the whole nation or race.

How long this “I want to be famous mania” continue misleading the oppressed whilst few individuals grow their stomach with riches whilst the majority don’t have necessary services that they entitled. Therefore, if we are committed in decolonising Africa, the colonised need to start building decolonising programmes that do away with German drawn border that represent scars of the vicious marks of the East and West colonisers. Today this is visible as we have the north of Africa to the East is seen to be like Arabian Empire and the rest of the continent represents the shares, drops and tips of the greedy Europe. Today’s scholars are fearful to tell the truth that Africa is under fire and it need to wake up and live. For example, when the colonisers and their agents saw that Zimbabwean wakes up, they started their old strategy of demonising the leader that happens to survive the brainwashing programmes of Lancaster Agreement and the blind folded approach when it comes to dealing with their problems of land broad daylight robbery. So, Zimbabwe is the turning point of the Africa revolution that is geared for a total liberation of this great continent once ruled by the sober minded Kings and Queens. The time to truly address problems that caused the formation of liberation movements, civic organisation, trade unions and liberation armies is here and now, which approach do you think is proper in dealing with these outstanding problems of colonisation, is the blind folded or conventional approach?

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