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Bond Patrick (2007) Fossil Fuel Energy, Electricity Access and Climate Change. Climate Change Conference, Johannesburg, 24 April 2007 : 1-9.

Given South Africa’s fossil fuel history, so intimately connected to apartheid, there should be no surprise at the legacy of uneven access to clean energy by class, gender, race and geography. That this legacy continues and in some ways is exacerbated – notwithstanding ‘Free Basic Electricity’ promises – is worthy of explanation. At the core is Eskom’s pressure to commercialise, liberalise and partially privatise, resulting in persistent shortages as well as economic strategies that remain energy-consumptive and capital-intensive (such as the Coega project). This means it is even more inexcusable to find South Africa’s contributions to CO2 emissions and global warming rank amongst the world’s worst.

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