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Jara, Mazibuko K.  (2007) Revisiting South Africa’s Transition: Contradictions and Possibilities
CC Seminar Series : 1-6.

Paper Abstract
This paper argues that no further significant advances can
be made by the working class in a capitalist South Africa
without posing serious questions and challenges to the
structural foundations of the system. The current
political moment is critical for the broad left to work
together in thinking about how to build together. In this
context, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and its
strategy are relevant and important to any working class
struggle for immediate demands and long-term goals. This
contrary to what many on the non-SACP left think. Arguing
for the relevance of the SACP, the paper then also argues
that the SACP’s strategic approach, captured in the
slogan “Socialism is the future â€| Build it now, with
and for the workers and the poor�, is useful, legitimate
and relevant but has failed to deliver to date. It
considers the reasons for this failure. This includes the
failure of the SACP to connect with struggles in the site
of reproduction where new social movements have emerged
post-apartheid. These new social movements have played an
important role in rebuilding but they face serious
immediate and strategic challenges. The paper concludes
with a few thoughts on the need for the broad left to work
together and how various struggles may unfold in the ANC and the SACP.

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