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Samson, Melanie  (2007) Producing Privatization: Re-articulating Gender, Race, Class and Space. Centre for Civil Society Seminar Series : 1-41.

Moving away from approaches that cast privatization as a policy that impacts on social relations, this paper conceives privatization as a socio-spatial process. It develops a feminist historical materialist method to theorize the forms taken by waste management privatization in Johannesburg. Privatization is revealed as a material and ideological process which dialectically shaped, and was shaped by, the articulation of race, class and gender at the interrelated scales of the nation, the city and particular places within the city. Focusing on how privatization is produced in and through spatialized social relations illuminates avenues for struggle hidden from view in both aspatial, ideal-type feminist political economy analyses as well as approaches inattentive to the mutually constituting nature of gender, race and class.

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