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Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka  (2009) Azania Rising II: The demise of the 1652 class project; advancing alternatives to the crisis of the capitalist class society in Africa.. CCS Seminar : -.

This paper seeks to site Africa in general and what remains Occupied Azania (here on referred to as Republic of South Africa-RSA) in particular as cases in point of examining whether the Marxist construct of class remains relevant in the struggle for total liberation from the fetters of Colonial Capitalist Mode of Production which continues to nurture the white supremacist ideology and gross socio-economic disparities among Africans across the continent. (Hall, S (1977): Marx’s Theory of Class., pg 17)

Class, class relations and class struggle are central concepts in all of Marx’s work. ‘men’ are always pre-constituted by the antagonistic class relations in which they are cast. Historically they are always articulated, not in their profound and unique individuality, but by the ‘ensemble of social relations’- that is as the supports for class relations. (Marx, K: Grundrisse1968, pg 265)

Capitalism produces and reproduces itself as an antagonistic structure of class relations; it divides the population again and again into antagonistic classes. It is the material and social relations within which men produce and reproduce their material conditions of existence. Marxist analysis maintains that social classes are NOT the basis but the result of prior distribution of the agents of capitalist production into classes and class relations, and the prior distribution of the means of production such as between the ‘possessors’ and the ‘dispossessed’.

The historical incorporation of Africa and its non-capitalist systems into an evolving capitalist mode of production has resulted in even more complex set of class relations. The predominate mode of production in most of Africa remains the Colonial Capitalist Mode of Production; no class analysis of Africa is complete without considering this basic fact. In all regions on the continent, social class formations survive only as long as they complement colonial relations of production.

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