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Ndlovu, Molefi Mafereka (2008) All rise in court! The battle against corporate profiteering, corruption and dispossession. Lesotho and Johannesburg at a legal crossroads over water. Let justice roll down like waters. Faith-based advocacy and water for all. Maseru, Lesotho. 21-25 April : -.

Water has become a burning issue in civil society organizations in Southern Africa; this paper seeks to lay out key debates and developments in the on-going debate over mega-Dams

Projects such as the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. The paper is a desk-top analysis of key opinion makers on this issue. Secondly; the paper seeks to reflect on the impact of commodified water services to the residents of Gauteng’s largely black township of Soweto and the raging legal challenges currently underway in South African courts. There is a somewhat ironic twist to developments in civil society challenges to the controversial project in Lesotho as compared to those underway instituted by residents of Phiri- Soweto against Johannesburg Water company. The paper does not offer hard clean cut solutions but merely tries to open the space for dialogue between civil society efforts cutting across the two countries.

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