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SA Protest News 26 September - 3 October
2009 (2009) SA Protest News 26 September - 3 October 2009.  : -.

Shack people out in the cold after attack
NTOKOZO MFUSI The Mercury 2 October 2009

NEARLY 100 residents of the Kennedy Road informal settlement in
Sydenham, Durban, have been displaced after a mob attack which occurred
on Saturday night.

The chairman of the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council, Anglican Bishop
Rubin Phillip, said the displaced included the Abahlali baseMjondolo - a
shack dwellers' movement - president Sbu Zikode and vice-president
Lindela Figlan.

"The people who have been affected are scattered all over Durban, but we
do not want to reveal their whereabouts... Some are still out there and
surviving the elements, which is really concerning."

Abahlali has accused ANC leaders of being behind the attack, saying its
members have been targeted. The ANC has denied the allegation.

Phillips urged the public to assist those affected with shelter,
clothing and food. Donations can be dropped off at the Anglican Church
offices at 29 St Mary's Avenue, Greyville.
Click here!

A statement posted on the Abahlali website yesterday revealed that the
movement was planning to hold a meeting of members from 34 settlements
in Durban and some from Cape Town at a secret location and date to
develop a plan of action for the movement.

Meanwhile, KZN sociologist and violence monitor Mary de Haas has taken
it upon herself to question the police on their handling of the mob attacks.

She has sent a letter to Sydenham station commissioner Glen Nayager,
asking how the police responded to the incident. Residents had accused
the police of not responding timeously and standing by while they were

Nayager said he had not received De Haas's letter and could not comment.

Meanwhile, eight people have been charged with the murder of two people
who died during the attack.

Dozens held for public violence
Reuters 1 October 2009

Police have arrested 125 protesters who have been accused of public
violence and arson, a police captain said on Wednesday.

This is the latest protest to hit South Africa. People living in the
townships of the north-eastern region of Mpumalanga are protesting over
not receiving basic services like jobs, sanitation and medical services.

President Jacob Zuma promised to deliver such services in his election
campaign earlier in the year. This is one of the biggest challenges
facing Zuma since he took office.

"The situation is fine but still tense, you find these little young ones
burning tyres and barricading the roads with stones ... the R23 highway
is blocked, people are finding it difficult to pass," said police
Captain Leonard Hlathi.

Hlathi said the protesters have so far burnt down a municipality
building, community hall and a library. The protests started last
Friday. He said police are monitoring the situation.

The government is limited by South Africa's first recession in 17 years,
and is wary of any policies that might discourage local or foreign
investment. - Reuters

Protests in Sakhile turn xenophobic

Residents of Sakhile township in Standerton, Mpumalanga, have now turned
their pent-up anger on local businesses that belong to foreigners.

Angry residents of a township near Standerton roll old sewage pipes into
the road in an attempt to baracade the street
Photograph by: HALDEN KROG

The troubled township erupted into violence again yesterday as residents
continued to protest against alleged corruption, fraud and
maladministration said to have been committed by municipal officials and

The protesters want the entire council to resign and say they will
continue demonstrating until President Jacob Zuma intervenes in the crisis.

A number of shops belonging to foreigners, mainly Pakistanis, were set
alight on Wednesday night and police had to fire rubber-bullets at
protesters as they blockaded the main road to the town yesterday.

"About 200 protestors came and looted my shop on Monday and stole
everything. They came again on Wednesday night and torched my shops.

''It is difficult to sleep at night, especially when I think about the
safety of my wife and one-year daughter," said Pakistani shop owner
Raees Robeel.

Foreign businesses owners have since left the township after their shops
were looted and burnt down.

Numsa Head Office 1 October 2009

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) condemns the
irresponsible shooting of innocent and armless service delivery
protesters today 1 October 2009, in Standerton, Mpumalanga province by
SA police.

We firmly believe that communities, including workers have a right to
vent their grievances and frustrations through popular mass action and
protests as encoded in our constitution consistent with our nascent
democratic order. The usage of state apparatus particularly police to
silence dissent and brutalise our people is reminiscent of the old
apartheid style tactics to stagnate popular change and transformational

The systematic and sporadic service delivery protests are a reflection
of the failures of the neo-liberal policies and accumulation driven
agenda introduced by the dislodged 1996 class project, which used the
state leverages to advance the interests of capital and parasitic BEE
elites at the expense of the needs and demands of the working class and
the poor. It’s the workers and poor communities who on a daily basis
bear the brunt as a result of poor service delivery, rampant corruption
and political leadership lacuna in municipalities.

These protests should not be dismissed as populist or infiltrated by
criminal elements to defocus the ANC and its allies in meeting the
watershed April 22 elections mandate. In facts these protests are
wake-up call to the ANC and its allies to champion a revolutionary
agenda as encapsulated in the Freedom Charter. This means that the
movement must urgently adopt and implement a radical program for the
transfer of wealth and productive capacity back into the hands of the
people as a whole. Any cosmetic measures short of this will simply be
setting the movement up for failure.

As Numsa we reiterate our position that Service Delivery Summits must be
convened urgently to deal with the bottlenecks and frustrations faced by
our communities as a result of all spheres of government particularly
municipalities to discharge their mandate and responsibilities.

In the words of Chris Hani, our people did not struggle for a new flag,
new union buildings personnel and national anthem, but for radical
transformation of the lives of the majority of our people. No amount of
police brutality will solve the challenges of service delivery. The
apartheid regime knows better!

Issued by Numsa Head Office


Castro Ngobese
National Spokesperson – 082 567 3557


Karl Cloete
Deputy General Secretary – 083 389 0777

Unruly' protesters arrested
SAPA 1 October 2009

A protester jumps over the wreckage of a vehicle during ongoing
service-delivery protests in Standerton. (Fexil Dlangamandla, Beeld)

Standerton - Fifteen people were arrested when police fired rubber
bullets at a crowd of angry protesters from Sakhile township in
Standerton, Mpumalanga police said on Thursday.

Captain Leonard Hlathi said the crowd became "unruly" and had to be
dispersed hours after their protests began early on Thursday morning.

"We managed to arrest 15 people who were becoming unruly in their
protest action. No one was injured during the shooting," Hlathi said.

After the shooting, residents formed groups and paraded on the R23 where
the disruption took place.

"Police are trying to disperse those groups as well... police presence
will remain heavy in the area."

Roads barricaded
Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of protesters barricaded roads with rocks
and other materials, preventing motorists from using the road to go to work.

The protests were sparked by an investigation that implicated several
Lekwa municipal officials and councillors in acts of fraud,
maladministration and corruption.

Quiet was restored to the area on Wednesday afternoon.

The township has experienced violent protests since Sunday, when a house
belonging to a municipal official was petrol-bombed. Sixty-five people
were arrested following that incident.

On Monday, the group burnt a community centre housing a library and a
community hall, and on Tuesday night, residents set alight a municipal
administration block.

Those arrested were granted bail of R200 by the Standerton Magistrate's
Court on Tuesday and were ordered to be back in court on October 22.

The minors among them were released into the custody of their parents.

Hlathi could not say when those arrested on Thursday would appear in court.

Township protest flames die down
Sapa 1 October 2009

CALM was restored in Standerton’s Sakhile township yesterday afternoon
and police removed rocks and other material residents had used to
blockade roads.

“We are taking off the barricades to ensure the roads are accessible to
motorists,” said Captain Leonard Hlathi.

“(Residents) are gathered in groups... We don’t know what their next
move will be but officers will continue to monitor the situation.”

The Mpumalanga township has experienced violent protests since Sunday.
Fresh protests erupted on Tuesday night with residents setting alight a
municipal administration block. The group burnt a community centre
housing a library and a community hall.

The centre was first set alight on Monday, a day after a house belonging
to a municipal official was petrol bombed and 65 people were arrested .

Twenty-four more people were arrested following Tuesday’s protests and
are expected to appear in court today.

The protests were sparked by an investigation that implicated several
Lekwa municipal officials and councillors in acts of fraud,
maladministration and corruption. – Sapa

Angry Makhaza residents take to the streets

Residents of the Makhaza informal settlement in Khayelitsha on the Cape
Flats staged service delivery protests on Wednesday morning, police said.

"There was a tense situation this morning [Wednesday]. It is all about
service delivery," said Captain Frederick van Wyk.

Protesters barricaded roads with burning tyres but the situation had
calmed down by 11.20am.

"The police were called to the scene. We just talked to the people. It
is calm again," said Van Wyk.

No injuries were reported. - Sapa

Could Cape be stripped of powers?
Bronwynne Jooste Staff Reporter 30 September 2009

Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo
Shiceka has warned the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape provincial
government that they will be stripped of their powers if they fail to
deliver basic services to poor residents soon.

Shiceka, along with MP Marius Fransman, visited Mitchells Plain and
Khayelitsha yesterday where residents slammed Western Cape government
officials and ward councillors for failing to address service delivery

"If the city doesn't sort this out, they will lose their powers and the
province must intervene. And if they don't sort it out, national will
intervene," said Fransman.

This breaking news flash was supplied exclusively to by the
news desk at our sister title, the Cape Argus.

Khayelitsha residents protest
Sapa 30 September 2009

JOHANNESBURG - Residents of the Makhaza informal settlement in
Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats staged service delivery protests on
Wednesday morning, police said.

“There was a tense situation this morning ŠWednesdayÆ. It is all about
service delivery,” said Captain Frederick van Wyk.

Protesters barricaded roads with burning tyres but the situation had
calmed down by 11.20am.

“The police were called to the scene. We just talked to the people. It
is calm again,” said Van Wyk.

No injuries were reported.

Shack dwellers claim they were targeted
Police 'behind shack attack'
NTOKOZO MFUSI 30 September 2009

POLITICAL and police involvement have been said to be behind the mob
that attacked residents of the Kennedy Road informal settlement in
Sydenham, Durban, killing two men on Saturday night.

This has been alleged by Abahlali baseMjondolo (shack dwellers'
movement), which said that its members had been targeted during attacks
by the mob, acting on orders from ANC leaders, who have denied the

Abahlali said in a statement shortly after the attacks that ethnic
tensions had surfaced in the area during the ANC's 2009 election
campaigns. The mob had allegedly shouted during the attack that the
settlement was for Zulus, not for the many Xhosas who lived there.

The statement added that Abahlali members believed that ANC leaders had
tried to build a coalition against the movement, and had set up a
militia for that purpose.

ANC leaders denied the allegations, saying that they were "absolute
rubbish" and "a figment of someone's imagination".

Instead, they accused Abahlali members of being violent when they were
perceived to have been excluded from development projects for the

"They are the ones who are violent, and we have always tried to work
together with them to bring about peace and development in the area. I
will look at the possibility of suing them if there is any defamation of
character," said one ANC leader.

Another said it appeared that Abahlali was opposed to any development of
the settlement which it had not approved.

Abahlali also alleged that the police had colluded with the mob by not
acting on a warning that an attack was going to take place.

"The police are currently on the scene and doing nothing to stop the
destruction... it would be supremely easy for them to stop these attacks
if they wished to.

"The police complicity in these attacks is now entirely beyond
question," it said in a statement.

However, Superintendent Jay Naicker said police had responded to the
attacks and had ensured that peace was restored.

Naicker said that eight people had appeared in the Durban Magistrate's
Court yesterday charged with the murders of the two men.

Community Safety and Liaison MEC Willies Mchunu denied in a statement
yesterday that the attacks had been ethnically motivated. The police
have also said that the dead men had been accused of being criminals and
were killed by vigilantes. The matter has attracted worldwide attention
with more than 100 academics, professionals, students, activists,
members of civil society organisations and authors based in South Africa
and abroad signing a letter of concern over the attacks.

The letter said the claims that the attacks had been ethnically and
politically motivated were concerning.

Several political activists and scholars sent a petition calling for the
violence at the settlement to end to President Jacob Zuma. They called
for an independent and transparent inquiry into whether police or
political parties had instigated the violence.

KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council chairman Bishop Ruben Phillip said the
violence was disappointing.

"Once again an armed minority have used violence to implement a ban on a
democratic organisation favoured by a majority. There is just cause for
deep concern about the role of the police. The churches are looking for
safe houses for activists, accommodation for political refugees who have
fled with nothing more than the clothes on their backs."

He had set up a relief fund to help those affected and displaced. The
fund's account details are: Diocese of Natal Trust Account, First
National Bank, account number 509 3118 7386, branch code 257 355,
Midlands Mall branch, Pietermaritzburg.

Help for embattled municipality
SAPA 28 September 2009

Pretoria - A team of experts will be sent to support the embattled Lekwa
local municipality, Mpumalanga's co-operative governance MEC Norman
Mokoena said on Monday.

"This team of experts will be deployed to the municipality immediately,"
he said.

"They will be there to assist the municipality deal with the challenges
that are faced by the municipality on the issue of the municipal manager
and finance."

Other municipalities identified as needing support in an analysis of
institutional capacity were Mbombela, Msukaligwa and Nkomazi.

The police's Captain Leonard Hlathi said residents started protesting on
Friday in demand of water and lights.

"Officials from the provincial government came and addressed them and
they dispersed peacefully," he said.

However, on Saturday protesters set alight Standerton's municipal
offices. On Sunday, protesters petrol-bombed a municipal official's house.

On Monday, police fired rubber bullets when protesting Sakhile township
residents used stones, burning tyres and trash to barricade the R23 to

Hlathi said 23 people had been arrested, charged with public violence.

Violence condemned
Mokoena condemned the violence, malicious destruction of property,
disrespect of the rule of law in Sakhile.

"As government, we would like to reiterate our commitment to dealing
with all issues that affect communities... We will work with our
communities to ensure that we resolve all issues affecting them."

He said the department would begin a process to ensure all issues raised
in the institutional capacity report were urgently dealt with.

Mokoena said every possible step would be taken to investigate,
apprehend and ensure that the perpetrators of violence and intimidation
were brought to book.

Locals turn on foreigners
SABC/SAPA 28 September 2009

Angry Sakhile residents at Standerton in Mpumalanga have turned their
attention to a shop owned by Pakistanis as their violent protest
continues. They earlier torched a library and youth centre. The
residents are demanding all municipal Councillors resign. Mohammed
Bajwa, the owner of a shop that was looted says he closed his doors
Monday because of the protests; however that did not spare his shop from

Police say about 70 people were arrested for public violence in Sakhile.
"They set alight a social centre which had a library and community hall
in it -- 70 percent of that building was burnt. All the roads leading to
Standerton are still barricaded, including the R 23," Captain Leonard
Hlathi said this afternoon.

Hlathi said it would cost the Lekwa Municipality a substantial amount of
money to repair the building. Earlier, angry residents barricaded the R
23 -- the main road from the area to Johannesburg -- with rocks, burning
tyres and trash. Hlathi said police had fired rubber bullets to calm the

On Sunday the protesters allegedly petrol bombed a municipal official's
house. On Saturday, municipal offices were set on fire and the damage
was estimated at R60,000.

Standerton calm following protest
SAPA 29 September 2009

ROADS in Standerton were open today after disgruntled residents
barricaded them with rocks, burning tyres and trash during a service
delivery protest yesterday, Mpumalanga police said.

Captain Leonard Hlathi said a small group of residents protested in
Sakhile township this morning but had since dispersed.

“Police are still in the area and will be there the entire day should
the incident snowball as it did yesterday. The roads are clear for now,”
he said.

Hlathi described Monday’s protest as “very chaotic” as police battled to
control residents. He said when police tried to disperse one group with
rubber bullets others would make trouble elsewhere.

Sixty percent of the roads in the township were completely closed
yesterday. Angry residents also barricaded the R23, the main road from
the area to Johannesburg, with rocks, burning tyres and garbage.

A total of 65 people were arrested and charged with public violence
after a Sakhile library and community hall in a social centre were set

On Sunday the protesters petrol bombed a municipal official’s house.

The day before that municipal offices were set on fire and the damage
was estimated at R60?000.

According to Buanews, the Mpumalanga provincial government would
dispatch a team of experts to help the municipality deal with service
delivery problems.

The Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC for Mpumalanga,
Norman Mokoena, would send a team consisting of a municipal manager and
finance staff to the Lekwa local municipality by the end of the week,
Buanews said on its website.

“As government we would like to reiterate our commitment to dealing with
all issues that affect communities,” said department spokesperson
Simphiwe Kunene on Monday.

He said Lekwa had been identified as one of four underperforming
municipalities in a departmental investigation. The other three are
Mbombela in Nelspruit, Msukaligwa in Ermelo and Nkomazi in Malalane.
Mokoena appealed to the residents of the four municipalities to remain
calm while the teams brought the situation in the municipalities back to

Fury at ‘useless, corrupt council’
SIPHO MASONDO 30 September 2009

Disgruntled residents of Sakhile township in Standerton, Mpumalanga,
will decide how to proceed with their protest against poor service delivery.

DISGRUNTLED residents of Sakhile township in Standerton, Mpumalanga,
will decide today how to proceed with their protest against poor service

The residents, who began their violent protest at the weekend, have
called on President Jacob Zuma to sort out their “corrupt and useless”

They petrol-bombed a local councillor’s home twice at the weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, five people were wounded when police fired rubber
bullets at protesters.

Roads in the township were barricaded with rocks, burning tyres, litter
and bricks.

Residents are reportedly angry about an investigation implicating
officials and councillors of the Lekwa municipality in fraud,
maladministration and corruption.

They are to meet this morning to decide their next move.

Yesterday, councillor Thulani Ndlovu said he feared for his life and the
lives of his family after twice coming under attack at the weekend.

“I was not there [on Sunday] but I was told that they proceeded to my
house, where one person threw a petrol bomb through the kitchen window.

“The house was on fire, but fortunately the fire brigade came quickly
and I had asked my children to leave the house [after an attack on
Saturday]. My cupboard, washing machine and a window were damaged,”
Ndlovu said.

He said he was not one of the councillors implicated by the report and
did not know why he was targeted.

“I don’t know why my house was burned.”

Police spokesman Captain Leonard Hlathi said 23 people were arrested at
the weekend and charged with public violence.

Yesterday, protests were mostly peaceful, despite the illegal barricades
residents put up.

Hlathi said the residents started protesting on Friday, demanding water
and electricity.

On Saturday, the Standerton municipal offices were set alight. The
damage was estimated at R60000.

Hlathi said an arson docket had been opened. Those charged with the
crime would appear in court soon.

'We don't want to hear it - bring Zuma'
By NKOSANA LEKOTJOLO 29 September 2009

While residents of Standerton are up in arms demanding that President
Jacob Zuma come and see them, the ANC MP for the area, Vusi Shongwe,
says he won't be addressing them just yet.

HEARTH AND HOME: A child collects coal to heat her home in Sakhile, a
township near Standerton, Mpumalanga Pictures: HALDEN KROG

Shongwe told The Times yesterday that he had to be briefed by Lekwa
municipal officials before he could formally visit the residents of
Sakhile, in Mpumalanga .

''You can't just go to the community that just went on a rampage and
want to talk to them.

''You first need to find out [who is] behind these protests and what
exactly they are protesting about," said Shongwe.

He met the council behind closed doors yesterday to try to find ways of
managing the tense situation.

''I am here to see if it's possible to harmonise the put
sense into the minds of those who vandalise public property, because it
is wrong."

Shongwe said he had to discuss the violent protests with all
stakeholders, but he did not say when he would meet and speak to the

While Shongwe was meeting the council, angry residents continued
protesting outside the Standerton Magistrate's Court.

They demanded the release of the 99 protesters arrested on Monday after
councillor Thulani Ndlovu's house was petrol-bombed.

Police spokesman Leonard Hlathi said charges of public violence and
arson were being investigated.

The residents are enraged by an investigation that implicates Lekwa
municipal officials in fraud, maladministration and corruption.

The protests started on Saturday after a damning report on corruption
was released.

In the township that morning, small, isolated groups continued to burn
tyres and barricaded the roads with rocks and litter.

The residents vowed that they would continue protesting until all the
officials implicated in the corruption allegations are fired - and Zuma
comes to listen to their grievances.

Members of the community said the municipality had moved them from one
informal settlement to another and promises of low-cost housing had been

Bongani Nhlapo said the municipality moved most of the people of Sakhile
to another informal settlement in 2005.

''We keep on being moved from one area to another, without getting
houses, while the councillors steal the money meant for houses," said

Shongwe said if the officials implicated in the investigation were found
guilt of corruption, he would push for them to be sacked by the ANC.

Service delivery protest drags on
Cathy Mohlahlana

Several roads leading to Standerton in Mpumalanga remain closed as
hundreds of residents continue with violent service delivery protests.

Hundreds of demonstrators blockaded streets with rocks and burning tyres.

Sakhile township residents have been protesting for five days over poor
service delivery from the Lekwa Municipality.

Police had their hands full on Monday trying to control demonstrators
who started fires and vandalised property.

A group of residents also tried to burn down a community hall and a library.

Protestors petrol bombed municipal offices and a local councilor’s house
at the weekend.

A special task team will be sent to the township to assess the situation
and to address people’s concerns.

Referendum on Moutse border issue
Political Bureau 29 September 2009

THE cross-boundary dispute in Moutse moved a step closer to being
resolved when the community participated in a "referendum" yesterday to
decide whether they wanted to remain in Limpopo or be incorporated into

Nhlakanipho Nkontwana, a special adviser to Minister of Co-operative
Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka, told The Mercury
yesterday that this was part of the consultation process to test the
will of the residents in the area.

In the face of a stand-off between opposing camps in the area, Nkontwana
said the voting process was the best tool in determining how many people
favoured the idea of remaining in Limpopo or opting to be incorporated
into Mpumalanga.

He warned that although the residents were taking part in the polls, the
cabinet would make a final decision on the matter that has stirred
emotions and led to violent protests over the last few years.

Nkontwana said that they would use the Independent Electoral
Commission's voters roll to avoid cheating and the use of individuals
bused in from other areas.

He revealed that he would be filing responding affidavits to the
Constitutional Court on October 12 to challenge the Moutse Demarcation
Forum, which opposes incorporation into Limpopo. - Political Bureau

Cops 'killed man during protest'
SAPA 30 September 2009

The police could not confirm the report in the Sowetan.

Johannesburg - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa on Wednesday said he was
not aware of reports of policemen allegedly shooting dead a man and
injuring five others, including three children, during a service
delivery protest in Mpumalanga earlier this year.

"I can't talk about that specific matter. I'm not aware of this,"
Mthethwa told SABC radio.

The Sowetan newspaper reported on Wednesday that police fired rubber
bullets during a protest at Mashishing township in June.

According to a lawyer representing the victims, Maditsi Mphela, a
3-year-old, Neo Khumalo, and a 6-year-old, Mongezi Maila, were allegedly
shot in the face with rubber bullets.

"Once you do this, you have exceeded the bounds of self-defence," said
Mphela, adding that he was in the process of suing the police for R10m.

A man named Jacob Malakane was allegedly shot dead, while Marcus
Masilela, 38, was reportedly wounded in the leg, Sfiso Nkosi was
allegedly shot in the genitals and teenager Emily Madonsela apparently
shot in the cheek with live bullets.

It is not clear from the newspaper report whether Malakane, Nkosi and
Masilela were shot with live ammunition or rubber bullets.

The Sowetan published photos of the victims, one of them still heavily
bandaged after the alleged incidents, and interviewed some of their
family members who witnessed the alleged shootings.

Mthethwa was asked about this after President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday
expressed support for an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act to give
the police more lenience to shoot criminals.

The minister said along with the amendment, the power of the Independent
Complaints Directorate would also be enhanced.

The police could not confirm the report in the Sowetan.

Mob attack sparks fear of xenophobic violence
By Dasen Thathiah (Daily News) 28 September 2009

Tensions are running high after two men were murdered in a mob attack at
the Kennedy Road informal settlement on Sunday, sparking fears of
xenophobia and retaliation attacks.

A local community organisation claims the attacks were as a result of
xenophobia - with Xhosas being told to leave the largely Zulu community.

Police, however, were adamant the murders were not xenophobia-related
but could have been committed by vigilantes.

Transport, Community Safety and Liaison MEC Willies Mchunu was at the
scene late last night trying to calm the community, and stopped the
crowd from taking the law into their own hands.

Abahlali baseMjondolo (shack-dwellers' movement) (AbM) spokesperson
Mzwakhe Mdlalose said: "The men were shouting, 'The AmaMpondo are taking
over Kennedy. Kennedy is for the amaZulu'."

"Many people are also seriously injured. The attackers broke everything
that they could, including the windows of the (Clare Estate Community) hall.

"They destroyed 15 houses before launching their attack. They were
knocking on each door shouting, 'All the amaZulu must come out' and then
destroying the shacks," he said.

Mthokozisi Ndlovu and Ndumiso Mnguni were killed after members of the
Kennedy Road Development Committee were attacked by a group of about 40
armed men early on Sunday morning, according to AbM.

Eight suspects were arrested by police hours after the killings and
police fired rubber bullets to settle the unruly crowd as they scoured
the area for suspects.

Tension in the community flared up again late last night, forcing
Mchunu, to step in to reassure the shack-dwellers.

Mchunu told those who had been displaced that he would arrange for them
to sleep in the local community hall. Mchunu said if the key to the hall
could not be found those who were seeking refuge should break in.

Police spokesperson Director Phindile Radebe said they suspected
vigilantism because the people who were killed were suspected "to have
been involved in other crimes and people were just taking the law into
their own hands".

"The men were beaten and stabbed to death. We are still searching for
more suspects," she said.

Mdlalose claimed the attack on members of the movement was not the first.

"Last year, both Mzonke Poni, head of AbM in the Western Cape, and S'bu
Zikode, head of AbM in KwaZulu-Natal, were attacked and beaten up by
groups of young men.

"The men who attacked Zikode also said that he was selling Kennedy to
the AmaMpondo," he said.

At least two shipping containers were set alight at about 7pm on Sunday
night and members of the Sydenham SAPS, dog unit, Metro Police and the
SAPS air wing kept a close watch on the situation.

By 9.30pm last night, Kennedy Road residents were still standing
alongside the road, despite the cold and rainy weather.

Speaking to the Daily News after addressing the 300-strong crowd using a
police car loud-hailer, Mchunu said it was believed the violence was a
result of differences between two opposing factions within the
settlement. He said that while provincial government and police were
investigating the conflict, the safety of innocent people was paramount.

"We have arranged for the police to patrol tonight.

"These people must also be allowed access to the community hall so they
can spend the night. I have tried to arrange to get the key tonight, but
if we can't, then the residents can break in if they have to, just as
long as they are safe," Mchunu said.

He said representatives from his department would visit the settlement
on Monday to "hear both sides of the story" as he was due to fly to
Pretoria on Monday.

* This article was originally published on page 1 of The Daily News on
September 28, 2009

Services protesters in court
Riot Hlatshwayo 28 September 2009

MORE than 100 rioters have been arrested since the start of service
delivery protests in Mpumalanga four months ago.

On Friday, 35 of those arrested appeared in the White River magistrate’s
court. Their next appearance is on November 12 .

The group was arrested near Hazyview after rioters burnt tyres along the
main road last week.

Residents told Sowetan the Mbombela municipality had ignored their pleas.

“T he roads are not fixed, we have no water and sanitation,” said Edward
Sibanyoni yesterday .

The protest was one of five that took place in Mpumalanga last week. Two
people died in the protests.

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza said that the rioters’ anger was valid
but asked them to “show their concerns in a way that is within the law ”.

70 arrested after protest
Sapa 28 September 2009

About 70 people were arrested for public violence in Standerton after a
Sakhile library and community hall were set alight during a service
delivery protest on Monday, Mpumalanga police said.

"They set alight a social centre which had a library and community hall
in it — 70 percent of that building was burnt. All the roads leading to
Standerton are still barricaded, including the R23," Captain Leonard
Hlathi said on Monday afternoon.

Hlathi said it would cost the Lekwa municipality a substantial amount of
money to repair the building.

Earlier, angry residents barricaded the R23 — the main road from the
area to Johannesburg — with rocks, burning tyres and trash. Hlathi said
police had fired rubber bullets to calm the situation.

On Sunday the protesters allegedly petrol bombed a municipal official's
house. The day before municipal offices were set on fire and the damage
was estimated at R60 000.

The protesters were said to be demanding water and lights.

Service delivery protest in Sakhile
28 September 2009

A team of experts will be sent to support the embattled Lekwa local
municipality in Mpumalanga that includes Standerton and the Sakhile
township, where violent protests erupted over the week end against poor
service delivery.

A team of experts will be sent to support the embattled Lekwa local
municipality in Mpumalanga that includes Standerton and the Sakhile
township, where violent protests erupted over the week end against poor
service delivery.

The R23 road was closed this morning, while police used rubber bullets
to disperse the crowd. The R23 road - the main route between Standerton
and Johannesburg, has been closed, after residents of the Sakhile
township used stones, burning tyres and trash to barricade the road as
part of protests.

Mpumalanga police spokesperson, Leonard Hlathi, says they fired rubber

Zuma called to intervene as Standerton residents protest
28 September

Disgruntled residents of Sakhile in Standerton in Mpumalanga are calling
on President Jacob Zuma to address the challenges they face in what they
call the "corrupt and useless" Lekwa Local Municipality. The residents
will meet this morning to decide their next move after a weekend of unrest.

Yesterday afternoon, about five people suffered rubber bullet wounds
after police opened fire on residents who had gathered near the Sakhile

Roads in the township were barricaded with rocks, burning tyres, litter
and bricks. Residents are angry over a report implicating several
officials and councillors of the Lekwa municipality in fraud,
maladministration and corruption. They say the provincial government and
regional branch of the ruling ANC have failed them.

Hlalani residents march into Knysna in protest
The Weekend Post 28 September 2009

A GROUP of residents from Knysna’s Hlalani informal settlement marched
along the N2 into town on Friday to once more highlight their need for
housing and electricity.

Marching under the banner of the SA Communist Party and accompanied by a
strong police presence, the protesters sang and chanted until they
reached the town centre, where they sat down to highlight their protest.

Residents have held repeated meetings with various municipal officials
and have handed a petition to Mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies.

Some have built their shacks on an old landfill site.

Earlier, Knysna development and planning director Lauren Waring said
although there were 356 households in Hlalani, there was only space to
accommodate 111 households in a formal housing plan. So 245 households
would have to be accommodated elsewhere.

Money for housing projects is allocated by the Western Cape government
and the town needs to develop areas in Khayalethu, Flenters, Rhobololo,
Concordia and Hornlee with the R31-million it has received for the year.

A basic planning and cost exercise for Hlalani has shown that more than
R16- million will be needed to develop the area.

Strike enters ninth day
Independant Online 28 September 2009

Strike action by the Southern African Textile and Clothing Worker's
Union (Sactwu) will continue into its ninth day today after the union
and employers could not reach an agreement over wage increases over the

Sactwu's Andre Kriel said the union was reluctant to accept the revised
offers because of the conditions attached to it.

"From our interpretation, agreeing to the new offers may lead to
employers slashing workers' annual bonuses and annual leave payments to
compensate for the 7.9 percent increase. There has also been some debate
over loss of overtime and sick days payments but we have not been
presented with a formal proposal yet, so we will wait to see one before
making any conclusions.

Head negotiator for the employers, Johan Baard said it would be
inappropriate to comment on the negotiations while they were still underway.

This breaking news flash was supplied exclusively to by the
news desk at our sister title, the Cape Argus.

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SAA staffers vow to intensify protest
Gia Nicolaides 29 September 2009

Dozens of SAA staffers vowed to intensify their protest action if acting
CEO Chris Smyth did not apologise for allegedly using a racial slur when
several workers tried to meet with him last week.

Angry employees demonstrated outside Airways Park in Johannesburg on
Wednesday to air their grievances.

Staffers held banners calling Smyth a liar and a danger to the airline
and the country.

They want him to apologise for calling eight shop stewards the k-word
last week but Smyth has denied the allegations and is seeking legal advice.

A union leader told the crowd they must not back down.

“We have a man who has insulted us. He’s arrogant. Comrades, we say
Chris Smythe we will stand here every day until you apologise.”

Employees are expected to picket at lunch time on Thursday.

Municipal offices set alight
Sapa 26 September 2009

Standerton municipal offices were set alight on Saturday morning
following service delivery protest in the area, Mpumalanga police said.

Captain Leonard Hlathi said Sakhile township residents were protesting
on Friday demanding water and lights.

"Officials from the provincial government came and addressed them and
they dispersed peacefully.

"But in the early hours of today [Saturday] the office of the manager
responsible for water and lights were set alight."

Hlathi said the damage at the offices was estimated at R60 000.

He said another counsellor's house was petrol bombed but only the window
was damaged.

There were no injuries reported on people arrested.

Police opened an arson docket.

Delivery suffers - lack of senior staff hits Municipalities
Alfred Moselakgomo (The Sowetan) 25 September 2009

WARY: Police keep an eye on service delivery protests.

THE mass suspension of top officials at a number of protest-plagued
municipalities in Mpumalanga has affected service delivery negatively.

This allegedly sparked the recent wave of violent service delivery
protests in the province.

An analysis of the Lekwa, Mbombela, Msukaligwa and Nkomazi
municipalities allegedly shows that the suspension of senior staffers
and vacant key positions at these councils have impacted negatively on

The analysis was done by the provincial cooperative governance and
traditional affairs department after a wave of service delivery protests
since the beginning of the year.

The Mbombela municipality was the most affected, with almost all the
townships under its jurisdiction experiencing violent service delivery

Cooperative governance and traditional affairs departmental spokesman
Simphiwe Kunene told Sowetan yesterday that on the basis of these
findings, his department would provide experts and support to strengthen
the capacities of these municipalities.

“We have already assembled a team of experts to provide support to the
affected municipalities.

“These experts will be there for an indefinite period to ensure that
they help build capacity in the identified areas,” Kunene said.

He said MEC Norman Mokoena was not impressed by the long delay in
resolving the case of the suspended Mbombela municipal manager.

Kunene said Mokoena felt that “the Dladla matter had been dragging on
for far too long”.

Jacob Dladla was suspended early last year after he allegedly appointed
the provincial 2010 coordinator, Differ Mogale, without following procedure.

The council ruled that Dladla had irregularly appointed Mogale to his
R480000 a year position and that he had failed to exercise proper
oversight over payments to various 2010 contractors.

Mokoena said while he was aware that the dispute had been referred to a
court of law, the matter needed to be resolved urgently as it had a
direct bearing on the functioning of the municipality.

“In an effort to resolve the issues around Dladla, I will be engaging
the legal representatives of both parties with a view to their trying to
resolve this matter expediently.

“This will be done, respecting the legal processes that are unfolding on
this matter,” said Mokoena.

Mpumalanga roads blocked as protests continue
22 September 2009

Angry residents in Sabie and Kabokweni in Mpumalanga have blockaded
roads with stones and burning tyres, demanding service delivery.

In Simile near Sabie police have been using rubber bullets to disperse
the protesters. At Kabokweni, police arrested four protesters. Kabokweni
police spokesperson Muzi Ngomane says they were busy throughout the
night trying to bring the situation under control.

"We worked tersely during the night. It was very hectic, residents of
Kabokweni blockaded roads. We managed to arrest four suspects and we are
going to charge them with public violence and they will appear at
Kabokweni Magistrate Court very soon," says Ngomane.

Yesterday, a security guard was killed when a service delivery protest
at Simile Township outside Sabie in Mpumalanga turned violent. The Sabie
Activist Forum is demanding that the Thaba Chweu council be dissolved,
that the contract between the municipality and a company Shining Stars,
contracted to collect debt be terminated and all their outstanding debt

Situation calm following violent protest near Laudium
25 September 2009

The situation has stabilised at the Itereleng informal settlement near
Laudium, west of Pretoria, after residents went on the rampage this
afternoon. The protest by residents left two Metro Police vehicles
damaged while nearby streets were strewn with rubble, rocks and burning

The action was triggered when police and Red Ants moved into the
informal settlement, demolishing about 35 shacks in the area. Metro
Police spokesperson Console Tleane says the police acted on instructions
from the office of the Executive Mayor. Tleane says law enforcers were
compelled to use force and rubber bullets when the angry residents
started fighting with the police.

According to Tleane, there was an alteration between the community and
the police forces. He says 150 rounds of rubber bullet were shot, also
confirming that to their knowledge no major injuries nor arrests were
reported. Tleane says the situation is being monitored, saying an all
night operation will be carried out to try and ensure that the situation
does not get out of control.

Earlier this afternoon residents went on the rampage, accusing the
Tshwane Metro Council of using a 2007 draft court order to demolish
their shacks. The residents blockaded streets in the vicinity and burnt
two vehicles while setting tyres alight to blockade roads.

Times LIVE Multimedia Producer, Livhuwani Mammburu, won the
Northern/Southern round of the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Awards,
for his heartbreaking video footage of police assaulting a disabled man
during a protest at the Tshwane University of Technology.

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