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Bond, Patrick & Desai, Ashwin & Ngwane Trevor  (2011) Uneven and combined Marxism within South Africa’s urban social movements: Trancending precarity in community, labour and environmental struggles. presented to the conference Beyond Precarious Labor: Rethinking Socialist Strategies Center for Place, Culture and Politics and The Socialist Register City University of New York Graduate Center : 1-23.

Rethinking socialist strategies in a context of increasingly precarious urban and peri-urban communities may well entail a ‘right to the city’ project as part of an urban class struggle in which resistance by precarious workers (and their social movements) also generates greater consciousness about the precarious natural environment, especially climate change. To make alliances with the formal proletariat that have so far eluded many urban social movements, rethought socialist strategies require a recommitment to revolutionary theory, focused on both class struggle and the rejection of capitalism as a mode of production due to its core internal logic. We are finding in South Africa that we also need to interrogate the precarious legacies of local Marxist analysis – and prior, overambitious claims made about revolutionary agency – in search of ways to accommodate the ‘uneven and combined’ character of contemporary capitalism.

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