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Christensen, Steen Fryba (2013) Brazilís Foreign Policy Priorities. Third World Quarterly : 1-17.

As Brazil has risen to become an increasingly significant regional and global player in a world undergoing significant transformations in terms of power balance, the subject of its aims, world-view and foreign policy strategies is becoming increasingly relevant. This article focuses on the most important themes and priorities in Brazilís foreign policy orientation between 2003 and 2012 and connects these to the Brazilian governmentís world-view, its view of Brazilís role in the world, and to the main aims pursued by Brazil in its overall development strategy. I discuss how Brazilís view of the world and its foreign policy priorities relate to the USAís view and preferences, arguing that Brazilís foreign policy priorities reflect the fact that the USA and the West in general are often seen as barriers to Brazilís main aims. These are to achieve economic strengthening, a growing influence on the international political scene and a leadership position in South America, and through this to contribute to major changes in the global order.

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