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Vincent Wei-cheng Wang (2011) “Chindia” or Rivalry? Rising China, Rising India, and Contending Perspectives on India-China Relations. Asian Perspective Volume 35: 437-469.

Whether and how India and China manage their futures as rising
powers will critically shape international relations in the twenty-first
century. These two countries demonstrate sharp contrasts in terms
of their political systems, economic models, and social structures,
despite their common aspirations for greater stature on the world
stage. They have also maintained a very complex relationship that
is weighed down by history but also offers promising opportunities
in an era of globalization. While the implications for the rise of
China have been widely debated, scant scholarly attention has been
devoted to the rise of India or to how these two Asian great powers
perceive each other’s ascendancy. This article examines the key
factors influencing India-China relations, including territorial disputes,
mutual threat perception and alignment patterns, and economic
partnership and competition. It categorizes Indian elites’
perspectives on the rise of China in three paradigms: geopolitical,
geoeconomic, and geocivilizational. It ends with a discussion of the
possible scenarios of future India-China relations.

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