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Shrivastava, Meenal  (2009) India and Africa: From Political Alliance to Economic Partnership. Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies 36 (1): 117-143.

Contemporary political economy, driven by the juggernaut of economic and technological globalisation, has thrown out new opportunities and new challenges for every region of the world. However, despite the noticeable rise of a group of emerging powers in the past decade, mainstream political-economic analysis has been slow to take note of the continually evolving international or regional relationships that do not include the industrialised North. In particular, the rapid economic rise of China and India, with their enormous markets and their phenomenally growing appetite for mineral resources, has made it impossible to ignore their impact on the shifting economic geography and the international political economy. This paper picks one such strand in contemporary international political economy to firstly provide a broad overview of the ongoing interactions and considerable overlaps in the historical, political and economic experiences of India and the African nations. Secondly, it discusses some of the contemporary processes and agents of change affecting the Indo-Africa relationship.

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