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Hardt, Michael and Negri, Antonio interviewed by Brown, Nicholas and Szeman, Imre (2002) The Global Coliseum: On Empire. Cultural Studies 16(2): 1-16.

In this interview with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Brown and Szeman press the authors of Empire on a number of questions which have arisen both out of their own use of Empire’s theoretical and political framework and, given Empire’s immense popularity both within the academy and outside it, out of more widespread controversies surrounding the book.

What is the relationship between the theory of Empire and the new American Empire which some US political and military leaders are proclaiming? How is Empire different from globalization? How does the theory of Empire relate to classical Marxism? Why do we need a political theory of globalization? What are the philosophical stakes of constructing such a theory? How is resistance possible in a globalized world? And perhaps, most significantly: what are the possibilities for the future?

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