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Reddy, Trusha (2003) Non-Government Organizations and Commercialization in a Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Comparative Case Study of the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) and the Institute for Black Research (IBR). University of Durban-Westville : 1-105.


This study explores and describes the nature and form of the commercialization of South African NGOs post-Apartheid using the comparative case study method. The intention of the study in using this method was to ultimately compare the efficiency of commercialized NGOs to their non-commercialized counterparts. The various literatures uncover that commercialization arose out of a need for NGOs to remain relevant and survive financially in the dynamic post-Apartheid set-up. By commercializing, NGOs including ACCORD claim that they are able to sustain themselves by engaging in income-generating activities. They also argue that they are more productive than non-commercialized NGOs because they utilize business practices in their operation. However, the findings indicate that commercialization has changed the mindset of the NGOs from being guided by a social mission and set of values to becoming a for-profit entity. As such, they have become contractors to the international system and agenda and consultants by another name. Therefore their status as an NGO is severely compromised. The findings also found that non-commercialized NGOs such as IBR forged on bravely into the post-Apartheid era contributing positively to development and challenging the status quo. However much they suffer from a lack of management skills or resources, their commitment and passion to their cause makes them far more efficient/effective than commercialized NGOs.

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