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McKinley, Dale T  (2003) The Crisis of Public Services in Southern Africa. Conference on ‘Managing Public Goods in Favour of the People’ : 1-13.

During the initial years of South Africa’s first phase of its post-1990 political transition,
the anti-capitalist hopes, aspirations and struggles of millions around the globe (and
particularly in Southern Africa) were, in one way or another, connected to the radical
political and economic possibilities that might emerge in a post-apartheid South Africa.
Central to such connections was the expectant belief that the forces of liberation in South
Africa would, by pro-actively exercising popular, mass power through the institution of a
new revolutionary people’s state, begin to fundamentally transform the inherited
apartheid-capitalist system by reclaiming public (i.e., people’s) ownership and control of
economic production and socio-economic distribution.

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