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SA Protest News 18 August - 3 September 2009 (2009) SA Protest News 18 August - 3 September 2009.  : -.

Massdiscounters strike over
Mike Abrahams, SACCAWU Communications 1 September 2009

SACCAWU and Massdiscounters reached an agreement in the early hours of
Tuesday 1st September 2009 that will see thousands of striking workers
returning to work from 3 September. SACCAWU members at Massdiscounters
(Game stores) embarked upon strike action from 17th August 2009 over
several issues including; wage increases, minimum wages, benefits for
part-timers and flexi-timers and an end to the unilateral changes of
terms and conditions of employment. While thousands of workers had been
on strike since 17th August, a further 700 other workers were locked-out
without pay for about three months for refusing to accept the unilateral
changes of terms and conditions of employment. All these workers will
also return to work while awaiting the outcome of the appeal from the
Labour Court.

After lengthy negotiations which continued until 4am on the morning of
1st September, the following agreement was reached:

An across the board increase of R375-00 per month for all full-time
permanent employees.

A minimum wage of R2700-00 per month.

Permanent part-timers will receive a pro-rata increased based on the
Across The Board increase.

Permanent part-timers will receive 60% of monthly income of basic
salary as bonus to be paid in December. This will also be extended to
all flexi-time employees in the employ of the company for longer than
six months.

All employees who had benefits, including commission and incentives,
withheld for the month of July, the month of the one day protest march
of 24th July, will be paid such benefits.

A committee will be set up between the two parties and meet before
the end of September to deal with progression from flexi-time to
part-time employment status.

A forum facilitated by the CCMA will consider all disciplinary
related maters flowing from the industrial action.

This agreement will be effective from 1st July 2009 30 June 2010.

All workers locked-out in relat