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Patrick Bond translation ka-Manzi, Faith (2014) Media Meltdown: Emails Disclose Who Really Runs the South African Show.  : -.

The biggest credibility crisis ever to hit South Africa’s independent media is unfolding this week. There is a serious risk that fewer than a half-dozen power crazed managers will destroy the waning integrity – and at minimum, the ownership structure – of the country’s most popular TV news station, eNews, which had aspired to become Africa’s answer to Al-Jazeera.

From the standpoint of national politics, even more is at stake, as tends to happen when deep rot is uncovered linking the hyper-competitive (but mostly banal and always shrill) mainstream media, ex-leftist entrepreneurs, a wealthy but decaying sweetheart trade union, predatory multinational corporations and a corruption-riddled state. If there were justice, the rotten structure would be pushed over and new foundations built for a sound media, economy and democracy. If there were justice.

However, although even minor reform is distant, at least the society is quite prepared for all this, psychologically. Déjà vu: just over two years ago, we were profoundly shaken when leaked emails sent to a multinational mining house by a prominent ruling-party businessman-politician – and former National Union of Mineworkers general secretary – revealed how he commandeered the state to end a labour dispute with platinum mineworkers.

Emailer Cyril Ramaphosa, who owned 9 percent of Lonmin until early this year, described that wage struggle as “dastardly criminal.” On August 15 2012, he assured company executives that thanks to his prodding, the police minister would soon “act in a more pointed way.” At the time, the region’s leading cops were acutely aware of Ramaphosa’s political power.

A day later, the result was the Marikana massacre of 34 mineworkers. Not only incalculable national reputational damage, but lasting class conflicts were inevitable. What had been the World Bank’s Lonmin poster-child ‘Strategic Community Investment’ project was, in the process, unveiled as a housing development fake (5500 pledged, 3 delivered), a women’s empowerment fraud, a UN Declaration of Human Rights promise-breaker and a serial tax cheat.

Since then, Ramaphosa has repeatedly attracted activist protests – in a university lecture, in parliament and in the Marikana Commission investigating the massacre – against his ideological U-turn and obeisance to London capital. Though he became the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party’s deputy president just four months after the massacre and is thus likely to replace President Jacob Zuma in 2019, his comprador-bourgeois role fronting for Lonmin will never be forgiven or forgotten.

History does sometimes repeat itself, as farce. Seven months ago, Marcel Golding – a former National Union of Mineworkers deputy general secretary (serving under Ramaphosa 25 years ago) now running eNews – received a string of emails from a behind-the-scenes fixer, Yunis Shaik. To every media observer’s astonishment, these emails were lodged in papers at the Cape Town Labour Court last Friday by Golding, now desperately battling to save his eNews leadership.

The documents prove that six weeks before this year’s national election, Shaik told Golding and his wife, eNews executive Bronwyn Keene-Young, that their nightly national broadcast should give “lead story” coverage to Zuma for the opening of the $270 million De Hoop Dam in the country’s northeast, most minerals-rich region.

The intermediary between Zuma and Shaik was Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel, former general secretary of the SA Clothing and Textile Workers Union (Sactwu). Within the eNews holding company, Shaik’s main protectors were the founding and current Sactwu general secretaries, Johnny Copelyn and Andre Kriel – all close pals of Golding until recently. Now they are maximum enemies.

March 24 was a flashpoint moment, as Shaik wrote: “I got a call from Minister Patel today. He says President Zuma this day opened a new dam. The building of dams is a big issue and has big impact on our country for supply of water etc. he wants for us to cover it tonight.”

When after two days eNews had only mentioned the De Hoop Dam fleetingly on the morning show, Shaik emailed Keene-Young again, frustrated. “I received three SMS from Ebrahim and a phone call which gave rise to me sending an email to Marcel and yourself… after receiving another phone call from Ebrahim, and you and Marcel still not available,” Shaik then called and sms-ed eNews director Patrick Conroy, “alerting him of the news and suggested it gets some coverage. The fact that Ebrahim comes knocking on my door arises from the undertaking you and Marcel had given him with regard to coverage of the infrastructure programme.”

This deal was not trivial, for eNews’ 2.5 million nightly viewers are an audience 2.5 times greater than the state SA Broadcasting Corporation’s English-language news show (itself subject to regular ridicule by the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition and campaigning by the Right2Know movement, for many good reasons, including SABC’s hackish and unqualified chief operating officer who was fired by a court for faking a high school pass last Friday). During eNews’ 2012 London launch, Conroy claimed it would “become the Al Jazeera of Africa.” But now, Patel’s “ham-fisted attempt at Stasi-style propaganda” – as the Sunday Business Times described the abuse of power at eNews – makes transparent “just how wafer-thin the line really is between powerful people seeking propaganda and the information dished out to the public.”

Shaik’s emails imply that the eNews commitment to Patel’s infrastructure projects followed a deal-sealing meeting at the Golding/Keene-Young home one Sunday: “the undertaking to give more attention to the news was also to the President and other Ministers as part of our lobbying for support on the STB programme.” Oops, how could Golding let that one slip out?

As South Africa prepares for digital tv migration, the Set-Top Box ‘STB programme’ was Golding’s attempt to garner state support for a combined, fee-based cable news and internet access system in which he was simultaneously investing just over $2 million, in order to ensure eNews had control over rapid STB retail installation. However the share price of the local electronics firm he favoured soon tanked, resulting in sufficiently large losses that Copelyn and Shaik allegedly had a pretense for dismissing Golding this month, for dereliction of duty, gross negligence, dishonesty, and breaches of fiduciary duties and ethics policy. (Whether true or not, media activists insist the STBs – costing around $100 – be provided by the state as a free universal lifeline service so as to enhance information access.)

Golding rebutted that in reality, the STB programme was trivial and the fall-out with other eNews owners occurred because of the Sactwu/Patel attempt to force the broadcaster to adopt a pro-ANC political agenda. This follows similar allegations involving a tv channel recently launched by the infamous Gupta family – close Zuma family partners, hence acquiring untouchability status – and a leading newspaper chain bought by another ANC supporter (with 45 percent SA and Chinese state financing). Ironically, the latter is called Independent News, but the new owner’s people quickly fired a leftist labour commentatorand Cape Town editor who were both critical of crony capitalism [disclosure: I write occasionally for its Durban and Johannesburg newspapers].

What kind of propaganda would Patel want dished out on national television? He certainly would not want eNews to mention the De Hoop Dam’s cost overruns (130 percent) or controversies surrounding its main beneficiaries, platinum mines, which get 60 percent of the new water supply. A year ago, such information catalyzed sell-out accusations against Zuma by an opposition party. Other De Hoop Dam victims are downstream, in water-starved Mozambican communities and in the Kruger National Park, Africa’s premier wildlife reserve. There, park officials joined by progressive environmentalists and water-sector NGOs firmly opposed De Hoop’s diversion of water to the mines (not to poor people).

Worst of all, though, would be a national news show providing rudimentary class analysis of infrastructure’s costs to ordinary people, judging from Patel’s diversionary arguments on SABC during the controversial passage of his fast-track infrastructure legislation earlier this year. Early on, it was obvious that fat-cat foreign mining houses will be the winners of Patel’s high-carbon, export-oriented Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission, and that poor people would lose through much higher electricity, water and transport prices. In Parliament, no one I encountered in a hearing could rebut concerns about Patel’s excessive haste, especially after a recent round of infrastructure white-elephant breeding that included World Cup soccer stadiums, the hated new highway tolling system around Johannesburg, luxury airport spending (and a subsidy-sucking fast train to Johannesburg-Pretoria), and many others.

The intensity of the background debate about infrastructure winners and losers – in the world’s most unequal major economy – is why Keene-Young’s 26 March email rebuttal to Shaik makes such disturbing reading. In what was an otherwise fractious reply, she assured, “undertakings made by Marcel and myself to Ebrahim Patel” to offer a series of eNews reports on infrastructure projects were indeed fulfilled. “The series has been produced and broadcast by our news team as agreed… We have delivered in every way on the agreement and the quality of the broadcasts has been outstanding…”

Really? The eNews team does have talented journalists, without question, and shows are often critical of government. But this particular series was sufficiently happy-faced that the broadcasts now feature prominently on Patel’s government website. The eNews overview report on infrastructure is one of the worst cases, celebrating two parastatal corporations’ most destructive mega-projects: Eskom’s two $10 billion coal-fired power plants and Transnet’s $30 billion rail, oil pipeline and shipping expansion.

To disguise South Africa’s awful – and worsening – infrastructural projects on eNews, Yunis Shaik was Patel’s logical ally. Though mostly out of public view, this former Sactwu deputy general secretary was previously best known thanks to his brothers Schabir and Moe. The two achieved permanent notoriety when Schabir helped corrupt then-deputy president Zuma (who was fired as a result, in 2005) via a bribe from a French arms dealer (as one of many examples), and when in 2008-09, Moe leaked political secrets of the same man – who became President Zuma in 2009 – to the US State Department, whose diplomats chortled in cables that Chelsea Manning then (thankfully) released to WikiLeaks. Nicknamed ‘Mole Shaik’ as a result, he was then put in charge of the Development Bank of Southern Africa’s infrastructure projects across Africa, in spite of having no related experience or project finance qualifications.

This, then, is the new South Africa’s Achilles Heel: a nexus of Resource-Cursed crony capitalism centred on lavish state subsidies for the multinational corporate extractive industries’ infrastructure needs, dirty politricks (oftentimes bearing family fingerprints), cynical manipulation of the media, and the degeneration of once-committed liberation movement activists and trade unionists into some of the world’s most venal email leaksters.

With Marikana, the combination was lethal; while this week’s messy tv news battle has elements that are simply laughable.

However, there’s no mirth if you are a South African who wants good quality journalism, genuine democracy, much less inequality and poverty, full employment and a fairer economy, a clean environment, generous social policy, local sovereignty, corruption-free accumulation, gender equity and freedom for LGBTI people, an end to migrant labour exploitation, and so many other fruits anticipated to come with liberation from apartheid. Because now you are realizing just how closely the current ruling crew’s deracialised configuration of power across economy, politics and journalism resembles the elite’s pre-1994 structure.

And if so, then this media meltdown can only add fire to your belly, as you hunger for change.

Patrick Bond directs the University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society.

Imiyalezo enokucekela phansi abezindaba iveze ukuthi ubani ngempela ophethe lelizwe
NguPatrick Bond
Umhumushi nguFaith ka-Manzi

Inkinga enkulukazi eke yabakhona eNingizimu Afrika ebhekene nokukholeka kwabezindaba abazimele iphumela obala kulelisonto. Kunobungozi obumbalwa bokuthi abaphathi bezimboni abambalwa abahlanyayobazocekela phansi ubuqotho vele obushabalalayo - futhi okuncane, abaphathi – kamabonakude wezindaba odume kakhulu kuleli, ieNews, obulokhu ufuna ukufana ncamashi neAl-Jazeera. Lamadoda kwakuyizishoshovu zezinhlangano zabasebenzi – manje asebavilaphiswa ukuphumelela.

Uma sibheka ngecala lezombusazwe wezwelonke, noma-ke lingathembekile kakhulu, njnegoba kuke kwenzeke uma ukubola okujulile kuvela obala okuhlanganisa ukuncintisana kakhulu (kodwa futhi okunobuhlanya futhi okubanga umsindo) ngabesindama abagcwele yonke indawo, kanye nabahwebi ababekade beyizishoshovu, abacebile kodwa benhlangano yabasebenzi eyayithandwa kakhulu engasenamsebenzi walutho, kanye nezimboni ezisabalele emazweni amaningi ezihlale zifuna amazwe ezizowaqhobozela kanye nombuso ogcwele kakhulu inkohlakalo. Umangabe kukhona ubulungiswa, lesisizinda esibolile singadishelwa ngale bese kuthi izisekelo ezintsha zakhiwe kubezindaba, ezomnotho kanye nentando yeningi eneqiniso.

Kodwa-ke, noma ngabe izindlela zokushintsha zibukeka zisekude, umphakathi uzimisele ngalokhu, ngokomqondo. Umuzwa wokuthi engathi lokhu kwake kwenzeka (phecelezi dejavu) : eminyakeni emibili edlule nje, sathuswa kakhulu ngesikhathi kuqhamuka imiyalezo eyaphumela obala ithunyelwa kwimboni yezokumbiwa phansi esabalele umhlaba wonke ngumhwebi odume kakhulu weqembu elibusayo – eyaveza ukuthi wawulawula kanjani umbuso ukuthi uqede inkinga nabasebenzi basembonini yokumbiwa phansi komkhiqizo iplatinum

Owathumela lomyalezo uCyril Ramaphosa, ngalesosikhathi owayenamasheya angamaphesenti ayisishagalolunye eLonmin awachitha kuqala lonyaka, wachaza ukuthi umzabalazo wamaholo ‘’njengesenzo esinonya kakhulu esinobugcwelegcwele.’’ Ngenyanga kaNcwaba mhlazi yisishagalolunye ngonyaka ka2012, waqinisekisa kubaphathi balemboni ukuthi kufanele kubongwe ukuthi ngenxa yokuphenya kwakhe, ungqongqoshe wamaphoyisa ngokukhulu ukushesha ‘’wayezokwenza ngendlela ebhekelayo.’’ Ngalesosikhathi. amaphoyisa aholayo kulesiyasifundazwe ayewazi kahle kamhlophe amandla ezombusazwe kaCyril Ramaphosa.

Emav kosuku, umphumela kwaba isibhicongo sokubulawa kwabasebenzi basembonini yezokumbiwa phansi ambangamashumi amathathu nesine eMarikana. Akuzange nje kwenze umonakalo omkhulu ongenakulungiswa wesithunzi sezwe, kodwa ukungezwani okungapheli phakathi kwamazinga empilo. Imboni okwakuyingane iBhange Lomhlaba eliziqhenyayo ngayo , iLonmin, kanye nohlelo ‘lokustahala Izimali Kumphakathi’ (phecelezi ‘Strategic Community Investment’), kwenzeka ukuthi, ngenxa yalokhu, kuphumele obala amanga mayelana nokwakwenziwa kwentuthuko ngokwakhiwa kwezindlu 9lapho kwakwenziwe isibambiso sokwakhiwa kwemizi engu5500, kodwa kwenziwa ezintathu), inkohlakalo ngokusiza abesifazane, ukwaphula isethembiso ngesiMemezelo saMalungelo Oluntu yiNhlanagno yeZizwe (phecelezi iUN Declaration of Human Rights) kanye nobuxoki bokungakhokheli intela.

Kusukela ngalesosikhathi , uRamaphosa izikhathi eziningi wenze ukuthi kube nezibhelu ezibhekiswe kuyena zivela kwizishoshsovu –kwinkulumo eyayethulwa esikhungweni semfundo ephakeme, ephalamende kanye nosephenyweni kwisibhicongo saseMarikana esasenziwa Ikhomishani yaseMarikana – okwakumelene nokushintsha kwakhe ngemicabango yezombusazwe kanye nokhothamela ongxiwankulu baseLondon. Noma-ke egcine eseyisekela likamongameli weqembu elibusayo uKhongolose emva kwezinyanga ezine kwenzeke lesisibhicongo futhi kubonakala sengathi angabusa uma uZuma esebeka phansi izintambo ngonyaka ka2019, nababamele nabanikazi bemihlaba abahamba ngaphambili eLonmin abasoze baxolelwa noma bakhohlakala.

Kuyenzekake ukuthi umlando uphinde wenzeke ngesinye isikhathi, njengehlaya. Ezinyangeni eziyisikhombisa ezedlule, uMarcel Golding - owayeyisekela likanobhala jikelele wenhlangano yabasebenzi iNational Union of Mineworkers (esebenza ngaphansi kukaRamaphosa eminyakeni engamashumi amabili nanhlanu edlule) manje osekunguyena uGolding ophethe i-eNews – futhi owathola imiyalezo eminingi ivela kuYinis Shaik osebenza ngokuzifihla. Okwamanaglisa kakhulu izingqapheli zabezindaba, lemiyalezo yayibhalwe emaphepheni eNkantolo Yabasebenzi eKapa ngoLwesihlanu olwedlule lokho futhi kwenziwe nguGolding, njengoba manje esezama ngamandla akhe onke ukuqhubeka nokuba ngumphathi we-eNews.

Lombhalo ukhombise ukuthi emavikini ayisithupha ngaphambi kokhetho lezwe lonke kulonyaka, uShaik watshela uGolding nonkosikazi wakhe, esinye sezikhulu ze-eNews uBronwyn Keene-Young, ukuthi ukusakaza kwabo kwasebusuku ezweni lonke kufanele kwenze ‘’phambili udaba’’ lukaZuma ngokuvula iDe Hoop Dam elidle izigidigidi ezingu270 zamadola esifundazweni senyakathonempumalanga, esicebe kakhulu ngemikhiqizo embiwa phansi ezweni.

Owayexhumanisa uZuma noShaik kwakunguNgoqngqoshe Wezokuthuthukiswa Kwezomnotho uEbrahim Patel, owayengunobhala jukelele weSA Clothing and Textile Workers Union (iSactwu). Ngaphankathi kwenkampani ephethe i-eNews, abavikeli abaphambili bakaShaik kwakungowokuqala ukuba kanye nonjengamanje unobhala jikelele weSactwu uJohnny Copelyn kanye noAndre Kriel –bonke ababengabangani abasondelene noGoldging kuze kuba isikhathi samanje. Manje sebeyizitha ezinkulu.

Inyanga kaNdasa mhlazi yishumi nesihlanu ilapho okwenzeka khona isigameko, ngesikhathi uShaik ebhala ukuthi: “Ngithole ucingo oluvela kuNgqongqoshe uPatel namhlanje. Uthe uMongameli uZuma namhlanje uvule idamu elisha. Loku kwacha amadamu kuwudaba olukhulu futhi kunomphumela omkhulu ezweni lakithi ekuletheni amanzi kanye nokunye, ufuna ukuthi sikukhombise ezindabeni namhlanje.”

Ngesikhathi emva kwezinsuku ezimbili i-eNews isibika ngeDe Hoop Dam ngokudlula ngesikhathi sohlelo lwasekuseni, uShaik wathumela umyalezo futhi kuKeene-Young, ediniwe. “Ngathola imiyalezo emithathu ivela kuEbrahin kanye nocingo okwaholela ekutheni ngithumele umyalezo kuMarcel kanye nawe.”

Waqhubeka uShaik wathi: “emva kokutholwa olunye futhi ucingo oluqhamuka kuEbrahim, kanye futhi wena ninoMarcel ningatholakali,” waseke eseshayele ucingo futhi wathumela umyalezo kumqondisi we-eNews uPatrick Conroy, “emazisa ngaloludaba futhi ethi kufanele lubikwe. Iqiniso lokuthi uEbrahim wafika ezengqongqoza emnyangweni wami ngesivumelwano wena noMarcel enanimnike sone mayelana nokubika mayelana naloluhlelo lwalenqalasizinda.”

Lesisivumelwano sasingesincane, ngoba ababukeli abayizigidi ezingu2.5 bezindaba ze-eNews njalo ebusuku esinababukeli abangaphezulu kuka2.5 izikhathi ezinkulu nokubukwa kukamabonakude wombuso wezindaba zesingisi (nazo njalo ezihlale zigxekwa yiSOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition kanye umkhankaso wenhlangano Welungelo Lokwazi (phecelezi iRight2Know), futhi ngenxa yezizathu eziningi ezinhle, okumbandakanya kanye nomphathi omkhulu ongenalwazi kakhulu weSABC owaxoshwa yinkantolo ngokwenza isitifiketi somkokotelo sokuphasa umatikuletsheni ngoLwesihlanu olwedlule)

ngesikhathi kwethulwa i-eNews eLondon ngonyaka ka2012, uConraoy wathi kuyoba “iAl Jazeera yaseAfrika.” Kodwa manje, amaqhinga kaPatel awazamile –njengoba kwachaza iphephandaba iSunday Business Times ngokusetshenziswa kabi kwamandla eNews – kuveze obala ‘’ukuthi mncane kangaka nani umugqa ngempela phakathi kwabantu abanamandla befuna amaqhinga kanye nolwazi olunekelwe abantu.”

Imiyalezo kaShaik isitshela ukuthi ukuzibophezela kwe-eNews kwizinhlelo zezinqalasizinda kwalandela umhlangano okwavunyelwana ngawo emzini woGolding benoKeene-Young ngelinye usuku lwangesonto: “umsebenzi wokubhekana kakhulu nezindaba kwakubhekiswe kuMongameli kanye nabanye oNgqongqoshe njengengxenye yokukhankasela kwethu ukuxhaselwa uhlelo lweSTB.” Kungezeka kanjani ukuthi uGolding avumele ukuthi lokhu kuphumele ngaphandle?

Njengoba iNingizimu Afrika ilungiselela ukusuka kumabonakude iye kwidigital. uhlelo lwe STB (phecelezi iSet-Top Box) kwakuwumzamo kaGolding ukuthola ukuxhaswa ngumbuso ngohlelo lwezindaba oluhlanganisayo, olukhokhelwayo futhi elikwazi ukutholakala naku hlelo lwe-internet futhi ngalesosikhathi ayefaka imali kulona engaphezulu kwezigidi ezimbili zamadola, ukuze aqinisekise ukuthi i-eNews yayilawula ukudayiswa kokuxhunywa kweSTB. Kodwa-ke inani okwakuhlanganyelwe ngalo kwimboni yezobuchwepheshe zokusakaza ayeyithanda yavela yalahlekelwa imali enkulu, okwaholela ekulahlekelweni okukhulu okwenza ukuthi uShaik kanye npCopelyn basolwe ngokuzenzisa sengathi baxosha uGolding kulenyanga, ngokunganakekeli umsebenzi, ukungaqapheli, ukungathembeki kanye nokuphula u=imisebenzi enezithembiso kanye nomgomo wokuziphatha ngokuzihlonipha.

(Noma ngabe kuyiqiniso noma cha, izishoshsovu zabezindaba zigcizelela ukuthi amaSTB – abiza ikhulu lamadola –zenziwe umbuso njengohlelo lwamahala kuwonke wonke ukuze kwande ukuthola ulwazi.)

UGolding wakhombisa ukuthi lokhu kungamanga empeleni, uhlelo lweSTB lwalungabalulekile ngaleyondlela futhi ukungezwani nabanye abaphathi be-eNews kwenzeka ngenxa yemizamo yeSactwu kanye noPatel ukuphoqa ukuthi lomabonakude ube nohlelo oluxhasa ezombusazwe zikaKhongolose. Lokhu kulandela ukusolwa okufanayo okumbandakanya ukuthi umabonakude osanda kwethulwa ngumndeni odume kabi wakwaGupta – abasondelene kakhulu nomndeni wakwaZuma, okubenza-ke bangathintwa muntu – enye futhi imboni yephephandaba ehamba phambili ethengwe ngomunye wabaxhasi bakaKhongolose (amaphesentyi alokukuthengwa angu45 kungawaseNingizimu Afrika kanye nokuxhaswa yimali yombuso waseChina).

Obekungalindelekanga, ukuthi lemboni yephephandaba ibizwa ngokuthi Izindaba Ezizimele (phecelezi Independent News), kodwa abantu balomnikazi omusha ngokukhulu ukushesha lokhu baxosha owayehlaziya ngezindab zabasenzi ngobushoshsovi kanye nomhleli waseKapa ababegxeka ubungxuwankulu obuzimelele kububhululu [Ake ngiveze lokhu: ngijwayele ukubhalela lemboni amaphephandaba ayo aseThekwini naseGoli].

Nhloboni yolwazi lwamanga uPatel afuna ukuliveza kumabonakude obukwa yizwelonke? Ngeke phela afune ukuthi i-eNews ichaze ukuthi inani leDe Hoop Dam libiza okungaphezulu kwemali eyayabiwe (ngamaphesenti angu130) noma ukuphikisana okubhekene nabazuzi balo abakhulu, njengemboni yezimayini zeplatinum, ethola amaphesenti angu60 alamanzi amasha alethwayo. Onyakeni owodwa odlule, ulwazi lwanyuka lwafinyelela ekusolweni ngokudayiswa kukaZuma yiqembu eliphikisayo. Ezinye izisulu zedamu iDe Hoop zingezansi kwalo, emiphakathini yaseMozambique angenawo amanzi kanye naseKruger National Park, isizinda esikhulukazi esigcine izilwane zasendle zaseAfrika. Lapho-ke, izikhulu zalelipaki zahlangana nabezemvelo abanenqubekela phambili kanye nezinhlangano ezingekho ngaphansi kukahulumeni ezilwela amalungelo amanzi futhi eziphikisana kakhulu kokuthi amanzi ayiswe ezimbonini zokumba phansi (esikhundleni sabantu abanhlwempu).

Lokhu kuPatel, okubi kakhulu n=kungaba izindaba zezwe eziza nokuhlaziywa kwamazinga empilo ngokubiza kwezinqalasizinda kubantukazana. Lokhu akuhlangene nabo, uma sesibheka indlela uPatel ashintshe ngayo ukukhuluma kwiSABC ngesikhathi ephasisa umthetho wakhe onokuphikisana wokusheshisa ukwakha izinqalasizinda usaqala lonyaka.

Kusaqala-nje, kwakucacile ukuthi izimboni zokumbiwa phansi zamazwe angaphandle ezingogumbela kwesazo ziyoba ngabanqobi kwiPresidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission kaPatel egcwele ukuphafuzsa isisis kakhulu icarbon futhi ehambisana nokudayisela amazwe angaphandle, futhi okuyokwenza abantu abanhlwempu balahlekelwe ngamanani amakhulu amandla kagesi, amanzi kanye nezokuthutha. Ephalamende, akekho engihlangane naye kwizigxoxo ezazikhona ngenyanga kaMasingana ngonyaka odlule ukuthi akhombise ukuthi kwamanga okushiwo nguPatel ngokushesha kwakh kangaka, ikakhulukazi emva kokuba ukwakhiwa kakhulu kwezizinda ezingenanzuzo ezinkulu kwahlanganisa ukwakhiwa kwezindawo zokudlalela ibhola likanobhutshuzwayo ngesikhathi Sendebe Yomhlaba, indlela etsha yokuthola imali ngokukhokhisa abashayeli bezimoto kothelawayeka bemigwaqo ezindaweni ezizungeze iGoli, kanye nokuchitha imali enkulu (kumaairport) (kanye nokuxhasa ngemali isitimela esigijima kakhulu, nokunye okuningi.

Ukujula kakhulu kwalenkulumo ebingaxoxelwa obala ngezinqalasizinda ngabanqobi kanye nabalahlekelwayo – ezweni elinomnotho omkhulu ongenakulingana emhlabeni wonke – ingakho umyalezo kaKeene-Young wangenyanga kaNdasa mhlazi ngamashumi amabili nesithupha esiphikisana amanga kuShaik kwenza ukuthi masifunda lokhu sibe nokuphazamiseka. Kwimpendulo eyayinokulwa, waqinisekisa ukuthi, “izethembiso ezenziwa nguMarcel kanye name kuEbrahim Patel” ukuthi abanikeze imibiko embalwa ngezinhlelo zezinqalasizinda empeleni zenziwa.

“Loluhlelo lwenziwe futhi lasakazwa yiqembu lethu lezindaba njengoba kwakuvunyelwene..Senze ngayo yonke indlela ngesivumelwano kanye nezinga lekwakusakazwa laliphezulu kakhulu…”

Ngempela? Iqembu le-eNews linazo izintatheli ezinohlonze, ngaphandle kokuthandabuza, futhi izinhlelo ze-etv isikhathi esiningi zihlale zigxeka uhulumeni. Kodwa loluhlelo lwalujabulisa ngokwanele okungangokuthi lokhu okwakusakazwa kuhlale kuvela kwiwebsite kahulumeni emnyangweni kaPatel. Umbono-nje ojikelel ngombiko wenqalasizinda ilowo omubi kakhulu, uncoma izimboni uhulumeni anamasheya kuzona ezinokucekela phansi kakhulu: izizinda ezimbili zikaEskom zokuphehla amandla kagesi ngamalahle okubiza izigidigidi eziyishumi zamadola kanye nomzila wesitimela ipayipi lamafutha kanye nokwandisa kwezokuthutha kaTransnet okubiza izigidigidi ezingamashumi amathathu amadola.

Ukufihla kanye nesimo esiya ngokuba simbi kakhulu sezinhlelo zezinqalasizinda zaseNingizimu Afrika, uShaik waba ngumngani kaPatel owafika nomqondo. Noma-e isikhathi esiningi kwakufihlakele, lona owayeyisekela jikelele likanobhala leSactwu wayekade aziwa kakhulu futhi ngalokho sibonga abafowabo uSchabir kanye noMoe. Laba bobabili baduma kabi okungapheli ngesikhathi uSchabir esiza owayeyisekela likamongameli elinokukhohlakala ngaleyonkathi uZuma (owaxoshwa ngenxa yalokhu, ngonyaka ka2005) ngokusebenzisa imali engazange ihambe ngemigomo enobulungiswa kumdayisi wezikhali waseFrance (njengezinye izibonelo eziningi), futhi kwathi kusukela ngonyaka ka2008 kuya kunyaka ka2009, uMoe waveza izimfihlo zezombusazwe ngalendoda – eyagcina inguMongameli uZuma ngonyaka ka2009 – kuMnyango Wombuso waseMelika, lapho amanxusa ahleka kwimiyalezo uChelsea Manning (siyabonga ngalokho) wakuthumelela kwiWikileaks. Ebizwa ngesidlaliso sokuthi ‘uMole Shaik’ ngomphumela walokho, wayesephathiswa izinhlelo zezinqalasizinda zeBhange Lokuthuthukisa LaseNingizimi neAfrika ezwenikazi lonke laseAfrika, kodwa ebe engenalwazi noma izitifiketi ezibhekene nokuxhasa lezizinhlelo ngezimali.

Lokhu-ke, ubuthakathaka beNingizimu Afrika entsha: indawo ebalulekile ngobubhululu bongxiwankulu Bekuqalekiswa Kwemikhiqizo kuncike ekuxhasweni yizimali zombuso kwizidingo zezinqalasizindazezimboni zokumbiwa phansi ezisabalele emazweni amaningi, amaqhinga angcolile ezombusazwe 9isikhathi esiningi ambandakanya imindeni), ukuyalelwa kwabezindaba ukuthi kufanele bathini, kanye nokwehla kwesithunzi sezishoshsovu zezinhlangano zomzabalazo nezabasebenzi ezazikade zizimisele kakhulu ukuthi zibi ngezinye zezimpimpi eziveza obala imiyalezo enokukhohlakala kakhulu.

EMarikana, lokhu kwaba nobungozi kakhulu – ngesikhathi okwenzeke ngalelisonto kwimpi yezindaba zikamabonakude kunezimpawu ezihlekisayo.

Kodwa-ke, akukho okuhlekisayo umangabe usikhakhamizi saseNingizimu Afrika ezifuna izinga eziphezulu lobuntatheli, intando yeningi yangempela, ukwehla kwamazinga okungalingani kanye nobuhlwempu, ukuqashwa ngokugcwele, ukubusa ngokuphelele ezindaweni zethu, ukuzuza okungenankohlakalo, ukulingana ngobulili kanye nenkululeko yongqingili, ukuphela kokuxhashazwa kwabasebenzi babantu baseAfrika abazinze kuleli, kanye nezinye izithelo eziningi ezilindelekile ukuthi zifike nokukhullulwa obandlululweni.

Ngoba manje usuyabona ukuthi kusondelwene kanjani neqembu elibusayo njengamanje ukuthi lokhombise indlela engenabandlululo yamandla kwezomnotho, kwezombusazwe kanye nokucoshela izindaba okufana nesikhathi engakafiki u1994.

Uma kunjalo-ke, lokhu kucekelekea phansi kanje kwabezindaba kungezelela umlilo esiswini sakho, esilambele ushintsho.

UPatrick Bond ungumqondisi weCentre for Civil Society esikhungweni semfundo ephakeme eNyuvesi yaKwaZulu-Natal.

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