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Ngubane, China (2014) Occupying Umlazi: Hesitant steps towards political ideology in a Durban township. CCS Seminar: CCS Seminar: Durban politics stressed to break-point : 1-13.

Umlazi is considered the second most populated African township in South Africa, after Soweto. Located in southwestern Durban, Umlazi has long been a site of community movements, especially during apartheid.

Umlazi’s Ward 88 was a site of political revival in 2012, a time when ideas unified people and motivated them to pursue a common goal. The name of those ideas was ‘Occupy’, following a film screening of the 2011 Occupy movement.

There are a variety of lessons from assessing several weeks of protest marred by state violence, followed by a Ward Committee election won by the Occupy movement, followed by uneven access to development resources. The ebb and flow of ideology is one such lesson: it is a necessary part of moving from local to global, to address both deep problems and the politicians who sustain them.

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