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K.K. Mukwaya, Aaron  (2003) Pan Africanism and the Security Dilemmas in the Security Complexes in the Great Lakes Region : Uganda’s Regional Foreign Policy under the Movementocracy Governance, . Codesria 30th anniversary conference : 1-25.

Pan Africanism and the Security Dilemmas in the Security Complexes in the Great Lakes region:
Uganda’s regional foreign policy under the Movementocracy governance.
The ideals, ideas, dreams, vision, mission and practices of Pan Africanism have been a guarding
and guiding light in the struggle for political, economic, social and intellectual emancipation of the
African peoples and the African continent. The academia, let alone the intellectuals from Africa as
well as the Africanists have argued the case and cause of Pan Africanism through a variety of fora
and practical activities. There have, as expected, several challenges to the academia, policy makers,
practitioners, civil society and general populace as to why and how far down the road and how the
Pan African Ideal could be useful in handling new occurrences on the African continent and
The Movementocracy governance began in 1986 after the NRM/A took over the realms of state
power in Uganda. The struggle of the NRA/M was guided by some ideals of Pan Africanism to the
extent that some domestic and foreign policies to date reflect such will and commitment.
It should be noted that Uganda and the Great Lakes region have been embroiled in violent conflicts,
wars and insecurities. The crises have manifested themselves at the national and regional levels,
through rebel activities, warlordism, political assassinations, inter-state and intra-state conflicts and
wars, cattle rustling, insurgency, terrorism, cross-border incursions, fundamentalism; arms and drug
trafficking, sub-and-chauvinistic nationalisms, and near or complete collapse of state mechanisms.
It should be noted that Uganda and The Great lakes region have taken on extremely heinous, brutal,
inhuman and inhumane acts hardly seen in modern African history. Why? This state of affairs have
pre-occupied scholars and other actors to find and analyse causes, trends, consequences and the way
forward in order for Africa to continue the pursuit of the Pan African Ideal.
The real existence, survival and development of nation-state and the region have brought into
question the prominence of the politics of security. It has been argued that the security concerns of
one country depend on the security concerns of all the countries in the region, and the region
dynamic, par excellence.
The title of the paper clearly illuminates this debate. The paper shall attempt to raise the chorus of
the debate by discussing the position and role of the Movementocracy governance in a broader
umbrella of the Pan African Ideal.
The Security of Uganda and the Great Lakes region have been at the heart of the Movementocracy.
Therefore, the major thesis of the paper is: That given the violent political history of Uganda and
the GLR, pursuit of the Pan African Ideal guided by International law and responding to regional
and global dynamics, should be internalised by the Movementocracy governance in its regional
foreign policy.

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