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Greenberg, Stephen  (2004) Post-apartheid Development, Landlessness
and the Reproduction of Exclusion in South Africa
Centre for Civil Society Research Report 17: 1-42.

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) is one of a number of independent grassroots movements to emerge in response to the negative impacts of the post-apartheid economic and developmental model. The expectations of a fairly rapid transfer of land back to the dispossessed after 1994 were dashed when the ANC adopted a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ model of land reform. This consigned land redistribution to a small afterthought in the process of restructuring the capitalist economy and redirecting it onto another growth path. Constitutional imperatives to redistribute land, secure tenure for all and return land to those unjustly dispossessed by racial laws formed the central poles around which the landless have organised. However, the longer these imperatives are not met, the more grassroots organisations begin to break away from these and begin to seek – and create – alternative poles around which to organise.

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