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An introduction to video production

Trainer: Pamela Ngwenya
Tel: 0761011566
Centre for Civil Society University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Course Outline and Training Schedule

BIG PICTURE objective: To build up the community video resource at the CCS to create and share videos about social and environmental justice issues.

Why? Video is a powerful communication tool for conveying political and educational messages to a broad audience. Coupled with other forms of social media, (Facebook, for example), video messages can be rapidly and internationally conveyed in a digestible and popular format to a wide range of users.

How? This introductory training workshop will cover basic camera work, video conceptualisation, shooting stories, editing and exporting video material to accessible formats. The CCS has purchased two video production kits, which will be made available to trainees on this course. As part of the course, we will complete two short videos. This is a PRACTICAL, hands- on course and recognises the value of LEARNING BY DOING.

Who? We aim to train 10 engaged CCS community scholars and community group members in basic video production.

Requirements? This workshop is open to CCS community scholars and any other interested person with active involvement in community issues. As a trainee, we will expect full participation in the course.

Participants must arrive promptly to begin each session at 9.30am. We will have a one-hour lunch break each day (approx. 12:30-1:30) and we will finish at 4pm. Later sessions (5.00pm) for editing may be required on Wednesday and Thursday.

To participate, you must also commit to carrying out a community video group project after the training, and to developing your skills independently.

Cost? The workshop is free to attend and you will not need to buy equipment. A daily subsidy of R40 is available to participants without income.

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