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Research & News on Xenophobia
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Xenophobia and Civil Society: Durban's Structured Social Divisions
Baruti Amisi; Patrick Bond; Nokuthula Cele; Trevor Ngwane

CCS Anti-Xenophobia research and community outreach Documentation, 2010

Busted! Detention
for giving out anti‑xenophobia fliers at Fan Fest at Durban South Beach

Research Papers

Baruti Amisi, Patrick Bond,Nokuthula Cele, Rebecca Hinely, Faith ka Manzi, Welcome Mwelase,Orlean Naidoo, Trevor Ngwane,
Samantha Shwarer, Shepherd Zvavanhu

Xenophobia News & Analysis

Seeking solutions in times of insecurity
Shepherd Zvavanhu 5 August 2010

On a recent Sunday morning, I saw xenophobia as close as I ever want to: the anger of a poor community in Durbanís main hotspot, Bottlebrush.

Xenophobic society and xeno‑denialist police.
Faith ka‑Manzi (Mercury Eye on Civil Society column) 19 July 2010

South Africa got rave reviews for our hospitality to soccer tourists.
The foreigners who were at the receiving end were mostly from the West.
If you came here from across the Limpopo or Orange Rivers, you were
probably not treated so well, and you may have been called kwerekwere.

Xenophobia News & Analysis Archive Volume 2

Xenophobia News & Analysis Archive Volume 1


Flyers from the 3 July rally

Pictures from the 3 July rally

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