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Duchrow, Ulrich (2006) Property for People, Not for Profit: Alternatives to the Global Tyranny of Capital. Centre for Civil Society Colloquium on the Economy, Society and Nature: 1-13.

Since the breakdown of historic socialism the category of private property has practically disappeared from the discussion on economic justice. The Cold War alternative was: private property or state ownership. As the latter has become obsolete there seems to be no alternative to private ownership. The discussion on neo-liberal globalisation normally deals with the three main characteristics: liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation. But even in the growing struggle against privatisation of public services there is hardly any reflection about the fundamental role of private property in the make-up of the dominating political and economic system leading to so much impoverishment of people and destruction of nature. The thesis of this essay is that we cannot design and implement alternatives to neo-liberal globalisation creating poverty, exclusion and destruction unless we tackle the issue of private property.

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