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Amri-Makhetha, Judica  (2006) Tribute to Professor Guy Mhone. Centre for Civil Society  Colloquium on the Economy, Society and Nature: 1-3.

A year ago, when we heard of the sudden and untimely passing of Guy Mhone, it came as a rude shock that deeply saddened those of us that knew and worked with him in the International Labour Organization (ILO). His death has made us appreciate that in his short life, through the dedication of his time and effort, Guy had made a huge contribution towards achieving what the ILO was established to do, that is to create and promote decent work for all. We are therefore pleased to have this opportunity to celebrate his life by sharing the marvellous work of Professor Mhone in the context of his engagement with the ILO. We thank the organizers of this Colloquium in particular Professor Patrick Bond, for inviting the ILO to participate.

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