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BRICS / DBSA Press Clippings (2013) BRICS / DBSA Press Clippings.  : 1-107.

A collection of press clips from establishment sources below. The gist seems easy to work out... Pretoria’s Fransman: “Our presence in BRICS would necessitate us to push for Africa’s integration into world trade.” DBSA's Ruiters: “Our main focus is... financing large infrastructure cross-border projects, specifically because we find that most of the blockages that exist around infrastructure delivery are those on the cross-border list.” DBSA’s Dlamini: “We can no longer allow the DBSA to be associated with shoddy work”. SADC’s Caholo: “There is resentment towards the DBSA in certain quarters because it is in South Africa, and South Africa is the only shareholder. SADC has no say in what the DBSA does and although the bank does work on a bilateral level with SADC countries, we need our own bank.” Aside from DBSA - deep in a restructuring crisis after massive unexplained losses last year - the other banks involved in the process included the China Development Bank, Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social, or BNDES, of Brazil, Russia’s Vnesheconombank and the Export-Import Bank of India. But what, exactly, do 'integration' and 'blockage' and 'shoddy' and 'no say' mean, in a ridiculously Resource-Cursed region like ours? Much worse extractivist Dutch-Disease bias, exported profits, corrutped politicians, forced displacement, climate change, air/water pollution and water scarcity? Sure. The ability of civ soc watchdogs to demand transparency, eco-social responsibility and local economic development? Unclear but doubtful, given the precedents.

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